Andreasen's Visionary Impact at Andrews University

President Andreasen's vision for Andrews University has inspired the necessary financial support to achieve significant capital improvements for the campus. These improvements to the "bricks and mortar" of campus not only enhanced the physical beauty and footprint of our campus, but improved the academic experience for our students and faculty, and opened the campus in significant ways to welcome our surrounding community to join us in the pursuit of inspiration and ideas.


1994–2016          Significant Events
April 25, 1998 JN Andrews Sculpture Unveiled
A gift from the Alumni Association, this cast-bronze sculpture by Adventist artist Alan Collins, inspires all who see it with the legacy of leadership of JN Andrews, who is considered the foremost intellectual of the earliest Adventist church, and the first missionary to be commissioned by the General Conference to serve outside of North America. Andrews' service was also inspiring as he was, by that time, a single parent, and his children, Charles and Mary, were dedicated missionaries in their own right.
1999 Commemoration of 125 Years
Andreasen led campus commemoration of the 125th year since founding at Battle Creek (1874) and in 2001 the campus commemorated 100 years in Berrien Springs
August 29, 2001 Seminary Hall Addition Ribbon Cutting
First major addition and renovation to the building since the seminary moved from Takoma Park 40 years earlier. Seminary enrollment has grown to nearly 1,000 students and nearly a third of those students are female.
2003 Howard Performing Arts completed
Introduced by President Andreasen as the campus "hello" building, the Howard Center has, indeed, welcomed thousands of people to our campus in ways that no other facility could.
June 2, 2008 JN Andrews Boulevard and Welcome Globe Ribbon Cutting
The new entrance provides a long-overdue, stately approach to campus. 
2008 Dining Services Renovation
Dining Services experienced the complete renovation of their kitchen, servery and dining rooms.
2008 New Milking Parlor
Upgrade to state-of-the-art milking parlor for the Andrews Dairy decreased milking time and produced profits that exceeded expectations. Advanced technology elevated the agriculture program to a higher level.
2009–2010  50 years as Andrews University
Niels-Erik Andreasen, fifth president of Andrews University,  led the campus in remembering the historic institutional transition from Emmanuel Missionary College to Andrews University.
2011 Undergraduate Learning Center Ribbon Cutting
(new construction of Buller Hall and renovation of Nethery Hall)
Tying Buller Hall together with Nethery Hall via an interior walkway and exterior courtyard was both philosophical and practical. The bridge links academic disciplines together, creates ownership for the undergraduate experience for those teaching and learning in both buildings and, in a practical sense, provides comfortable passage during inclement weather. These two buildings create an undergraduate learning center par excellence
October 1, 2011 Damazo Hall Ribbon Cutting
As a part of the University Towers residence hall complex, Damazo Hall provides housing for female graduate students and also 20 up-to-date guestrooms for campus visitors. 
July 2011 Acquisition of Lake Union Conference Properties
Physical relocation of Griggs University to Berrien Springs, which has moved the walls of Andrews scholarship and degrees around the world until there are no walls.