President's Council

The President's Council advises the President of the university and other administrative and faculty leaders in the design of the overall case for a New Andrews, the individual plans for facility, curricular and financial development which are the essential elements of the case, as well as the sequencing of the plans through a process that reflects wise stewardship and investment practices.

They also assist with the identification of individuals, corporations, foundations and other entities which may be in a position to invest in the plan for a New Andrews, and provide enthusiastic volunteer endorsement and personal testimony through financial assistance.

Charles Randall, Co-chair
Paul Stokstad, Co-chair
George & Jean Arzoo, Ken & Diana Bauer, Marilyn Bauer, Kevin & Jeanette Benfield, Fay Bradley, Phillip & Marilyn Brantley, Doug & Juanita Campbell, Debbi Christensen, Andrew & Dori Coetzee, Brad Colson, David & Ruth Cromwell, Marco and Erika DiBiase, Vonda Douglas-Nikitin, Jack & Esther DuBosque, Cletus Georges, Lynn & Deborah Gray, David & Carrie Grellmann, Herald & Donna Habenicht, Larry & Debbie Habenicht, Ray & Madlyn Hamblin, Glen & Marsha Hamel, Loren & Ann Hamel, Patrick Herzog & Heidi Griggs, Ron & Christine Herr, James & Deanna Hippler, Dann & Elaine Hotelling, Sandra Johnson, Thomas & Merry Knoll, Catherine Lang Titus, Valerie Lee, Dwayne & Marissa Leslie, Ted & Sharon Lewis, Patti McKenney & David Van Luven, Fred Manchur, Ernesto Medina Jr, Norman & Dorothy Moll, Craig & Mary Moore, William Murdoch, William & Patricia Mutch, Robin & Mary Ann Paquette, Wayne & Shelly Perry, Glenn & Margaret Poole, Charles & Barbara Randall, Chris & Janelle Randall, Bryan & Catherine Reed, Mark Ringwelski & Susan Slikkers, David & Judy Rowe, Richard & Lois Schell, Rick Schell, Leon & Nora Slikkers, Robert & Jeanette Smith, Artur & Galina Stele, Paul & Shelley Stokstad, Judith Storfjell, Ron & Pamela Stout, Ardith Tait, Bradley Tait, Timbul & Ellen Tambunan, Max & Linda Taylor, Dale & Connie Twomley, Maurice Valentine II, Dana & Dawn Wales, Rebekah Wang Cheng & Charles Scriven, Karl & Kristi Weber, Dan & Julie Woolf, Richard & Ann Yukl, Edward & Ann Zinke