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Lesher Family Photo

Dr. Lesher meets the media before his inauguration. Inaugural Weekend, October 1984.

Dr. Lesher with the Inauguration speaker, James L. Fisher, President of CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Eduction)

Dr. Lesher with the Inauguration speaker, James L. Fisher and Academic VP, Richard Schwarz.

Dr. Lesher and his administration. From left: Newton Hoilette, Vice President, Student Life; Arthur Coetzee, Provost; Edward Wines, Vice President, Financial Administration; David Faehner, Vice president, University Advancement; W Richard Lesher, President

Dr. Lesher at his desk.

Dr. Lesher at International Flag Raising.

Dr. Lesher is standing in front of the Lebanese flag. A country he and his family served in when they were at Middle East College in Lebanon.

Dr. Lesher's ready smile.

On Campus to study SDA’s, Karel Dobbelaere(right), from the University of Luven, Belgium, presented W. Richard Lesher with an academic medal.

Richard Lesher(right) with Floyd O. Rittenhouse, former Emmanuel Missionary College President(1958-1963).

Board of Trustees chairman Robert J Kloosterhuis and Andrews University president W Richard Lesher unveiled the Endowment 1990 goal device at the 1987 faculty/board banquet.

After Dick’s retirement, the Leshers chose to stay in Berrien Springs until health issues compelled them to move closer to the rest of their family in California in 2014. Here Andreasen's stand with the Lesher's at during their farewell party.

Niels-Erik Andreasen and W Richard Lesher

W. Richard Lesher

W. Richard Lesher

From Left: Dr. Lesher, Daughter Eileen Lesher, Veda Lesher, Sharon Russell, Glenn Russell, In the back: Daughter Martha Keough.

The Leshers at the farewell.

Richard and Veda at the farewell

Photo of Lesher Family

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