The Committee for the Inauguration

The committee was created in consultation with President Luxton to reflect the breadth and scope of the Andrews campus. We thank the committee members for their creative and enthusiastic participation in planning this landmark event at Andrews University.

The committee is co-chaired by Donald and Rebecca May. You are welcome to forward any questions or suggestions regarding the inauguration to either of them: Donald can be reached at 269-845-0308,; Rebecca can be reached at 269-471-3345, 

Deborah Andvik, assistant to the dean, School of Health Professions
Sonia Badenas, assistant professor of French 
Audrey Castelbuono, associate vice president, Development 
Vanessa Corredera, assistant professor of English 
Loren Hamel, University Board of Trustees representative
Darius Jankiewicz, chair, Department of Theology & Christian Philosophy 
Meredith Jones Gray, chair, Department of English 
Andriy Kharkovyy, director, Alumni Services
Paul Kim, associate professor of documentary film, College of Arts & Sciences
Donald May, associate provost for Undergraduate Initiatives & Andrews Core Experience 
Rebecca May, campus relations director, Integrated Marketing & Communication
Ashley Neu, president, Andrews University Student Association
Stephen Payne, vice president, Integrated Marketing & Communication 
Dalry Payne, executive assistant to the President 
Ruben Perez-Schulz, assistant dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Lhorraine Polite, project manager for the Provost
Janelle Randall, alumni representative
Lovemine Brantley, student representative
Davide Sciarabba, faculty, Department of Religion & Biblical Languages
Patricia Spangler, marketing & communication services director, Integrated Marketing & Communication
Trina Thompson, chair, Department of Music
R. Deborah Weithers, associate dean, Campus & Student Life