Inauguration of Andrea Luxton

Tuesday, October 25, 2016, was a bright, crisp, beautiful fall day—the perfect Michigan setting for the inauguration of Dr. Andrea Luxton. For those who were unable to be with us in person, (or those who wish to relive the day again) the livestream recording will put you in the middle of the palpable excitement of this historic occasion for Andrews University. Highlights include the pageantry of academic processional, stirring music by our campus musicians, heartfelt greetings from Andrews constituents around the world, William Johnsson’s moving address titled “The Andrews Six” (referring to the six presidents of the Andrews University years), a warm response to President Emeritus Niels-Erik Andreasen, a beautiful short film written by Andrea Luxton, and concluding with a look into the heart of our new president through the words of her address. We thank you for your ongoing interest in Andrews University, and your prayers for our new president as we, together, write a new chapter in the history of our alma mater.

Watch the Inauguration
(Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 10:30 a.m.—Pioneer Memorial Church)

Why Inauguration?

Why an inauguration at a time of an ever-changing landscape of resources and challenges in higher education? As an institution, we have seen God’s providence faithfully guide us for more than 140 years. We look with anticipation for His hand in our future, through this new administration. An inauguration celebrates our institution’s history and provides a special moment in time to publicly affirm our God-ordained mission.

Inaugurations also showcase the story and impact of our University on our local and global community. Inaugurations represent a new beginning, and enable a new administration to publicly establish institutional goals and priorities in the context of our lasting values. Inauguration provides an opportunity for the campus to celebrate the privilege of the age-old traditions of higher learning.

Andrews University was pleased to host this moment of celebration and commitment for our sixth president, Dr. Andrea Luxton.

Portrait of Dr. Andrea Luxton

Congratulate Our New President

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