Five Reasons to Choose Andrews University

Reason 1: With World Changers Made Here as our motto, the focus of our God-centered mission is to Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith and Change the World. Set within the framework of our core values, our stellar academic programs, deep spiritual experiences and vibrant social environment prepare you to be a World Changer and make a meaningful impact for God, both now and for eternity.

Reason 2: Andrews University provides an education that is Christ-centered, Bible-based, mission-focused, student-connected and heaven-bound. As a result, you will develop meaningful interpersonal relationships with students, faculty and staff who share the same goals and who journey with you, providing a rich tapestry of God-centered connections and experiences that will uplift your life. You can read more about our mission here.

Reason 3: At Andrews University, you meet the world! According to the annual U.S. News Best Colleges report, Andrews University is one of the two most diverse national universities in the United States. Andrews University is also one of the Top Ten national universities in terms of the number of international students on campus, with as many as 100 countries represented among the students who study on our Berrien Springs campus each year. 

Reason 4: Andrews University is a comprehensive and academically excellent undergraduate and graduate university which educates thousands of students on its main Berrien Springs campus each year, with partner programs and distance study and degree options that also extend Andrews study options to thousands more students around the world. This array of outstanding academic options, research opportunities and more means that Andrews University is ranked as a national university in the annual U.S. News Best Colleges report, the only Adventist university in the United States with this distinction. (There are approximately 450 national universities included in the U.S. News Best Colleges national university rankings; overall, there are nearly 4,000 universities and colleges in the United States.)

Reason 5: Andrews University, which began as Battle Creek College in 1874, is where Seventh-day Adventist higher education first got its start. Now, 150 years later, Andrews University continues to serve as a premiere university for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is the original Adventist higher education institution in a network of now more than 100 Adventist colleges and universities worldwide (many of those sister institutions collaborate and work in partnership with Andrews University). The distinctive Adventist education offered at Andrews provides a powerful foundation for the World Changers who study here and leave prepared to Change the World for God.

You can find more great reasons to attend Andrews University on our website.