Davide Heise

Davide Heise

Davide Heise

Title: Group IT Manager, Sanitarium Health Foods
E-mail: dheise@andrews.edu
Alternate Phone: (269) 471-3487

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Since December 2002, David Heise has been Group IT Manager for Sanitarium Health Food Company in the beautiful Central Coast area of New South Wales, Australia.  He has a bachelor of science degree from London University, a Master of Engineering Science from the University of Newcastle, and a Master of Computing from Macquarie University.

David actually began his career in the research laboratory for Sanitarium, but has worked in a variety of positions since those days.  He worked as statistician, mathematician and scientific programmer in the laboratory, but that all changed when the company computerised its first business office.  David was asked to install a business computer and write a payroll package, and in doing so discovered a passion that was missing in his laboratory work. 

He moved into administrative positions, becoming a senior applications engineer for Hewlett Packard, and then returned to work for the Seventh-day Adventist Church as director of information systems at Avondale College for eight years.  This position in higher education led him to Andrews University for six and a half years where he served as Chief Information Officer, and where he joined the Leadership Program.  He is glad to be back at Sanitarium after an absence of more than 20 years, and he is especially glad to be back home in his native Australia.

David is particularly interested in decision support systems and alignment of information technology with strategic planning.   He strives "to create an environment that inspires excellence and commitment to shared goals."