Individualized Feedback

The Leadership program develops scholar-practitioners who can transform the power of knowledge into improved service. Progress towards this goal is measured by competency development which is presented and evaluated through a portfolio. Feedback from participants and advisors on competency development is designed to help individuals improve their learning (formative) and provide a final (summative) evaluation of their leadership development and program requirements.

The Portoflio of Competencies

The Leadership Program is one of the pioneers of using the portfolio as a comprehensive evaluation tool for capturing learning and assessing leadership. Assessment through portofolio is more accurate and holistic than a written examination. It allows participants to showcase their transformational learning as leaders. has built in multiple ways to provide individualized feedback to enhance your learning during the process of competency development.

Your Advisor

As you develop your Leadership & Learning Plan, your portfolio of competencies, and your research plan your advisor is always a close companion in your academic journey. He or she is one email or a phone call away and available to each participant on an ongoing basis for input, dialogue and feedback.

Leadership & Learning Group (LLG)

The LLG plays a pivotal role in your journey in the Leadership Program by creating a natural context in which participants can provide feedback to your work. Often participants who are already one step ahead are a valuable source of counsel and feedback as you plan your own journey.

Course Work & the Dissertation

Coursework designed to develop competency are based on a mastery learning model instead on a graded test model. This means that participants receive feedback until they reach the necessary level of performance in their competency development. The dissertation experience is often seen as a daunting experience requiring participants to develop a publishable research report that can be defended in a public forum. To make this process very manageable participants recruit a supportive dissertation committee which will guide them through the process. Expect the dissertation process to be an iterative process of writing and rewriting till the dissertation can be defended in a public forum. For most participants this is a highpoint in their course of study.

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The MA, EdS, and EdD programs follow similar principles.