Learning Community

Leadership is not a solo journey. Leaders understand that human beings need to be in relationships with others. Therefore, they encourage collaboration, cooperation, and dialogue so that groups may accomplish common goals. The Leadership Program is committed to fostering a true learning community from the moment participants enter the program to the final stretch of the program. This learning community challenges participants to engage in deep learning and offers support throughout the journey.

During the Orientation

Participants enter a transformative learning space that allows them to bond with one another and the faculty. For some participants this is a new experience which they learn to appreciate as they realize the power of community for learning. 

Leadership & Learning Groups (LLGs)

All participants are part of self-chosen learning groups who meet in person or in cyberspace once a month. The purpose of the group meetings is to keep the focus on intentional experiential learning. LLGs give participants the opportunity

  • to facilitate transformative group activities (processes)
  • to engage in active dialogue and learn from other people
  • to share their knowledge, skills, and attitudes with other participants
  • to make progress on competency development
  • to offer constructive critique of the learning documentation submitted by group members

LLGs thus become a crucial support system during your journey in the program.

Annual Roundtable and Leadership Conference

Participants return to Andrews University on a yearly basis to participate in the Annual Leadership Conference and Leadership Roundtable. These events provide inspiration and carefully developed support for different parts of your learning journey.

Learning Boosters

The Leadership Program also organizes special support events such as writing retreats, research bootcamps, webinars, and other events designed to boost critical learning skills for busy professionals.

How will I receive feedback for my work?