Leadership PHD Program

The Leadership program started in 1994 as a revolutionary concept in graduate education. It immediately attracted leadership professionals from all over the world who were attracted by its individualized design. It is offered by the School of Education as an international and interdisciplinary collaborative graduate program.

Designed to meet the needs of mid-career leaders and to provide an innovative and highly flexible program this Ph.D. program allows self-motivated learners the opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. degree in the context of a learning community, without requiring a move of their families or a break in their careers. Participants in this interdisciplinary program come from a variety of professional backgrounds including healthcare, business, education, pastoring, the military, and government.

60 Credits

To better understand this unique , distance PHD program, check out the program's characterictics. 


To view program details in the 2020-2021 Bulletin click here.