Addictions and Pornography: Are We Immune?

Abstract by Katia Reinert

We live in a world where shame, guilt, discouragement, anxiety and despair are often seen among us, including among people of faith. Since sin came into this world, God’s children have experienced brokenness and have struggled with their sinful tendencies. Some may seek an answer to their pain through the temporary pleasures of behaviors that can easily turn into an addiction. Addictions used to be seen as a moral failing or a character flaw. Still, as researchers studied the impact and role of the brain in the addictive process, they concluded that addiction is a chronic illness characterized by impairments in health, social function, and voluntary control over the use of a substance or behavior.

Unfortunately, addictions are common and can have destructive physical, mental, social and spiritual consequences. We often think of addictions as substance use disorders. However, some behaviors have been demonstrated to follow the same addictive cycle of substance use. One example is pornography. Pornography addiction has profound negative consequences and is unfortunately common among people of faith. The answer for prevention and recovery must address the root causes of addictive behaviors. Evidence demonstrates that faith and a deep relationship with a loving God are at the center of effective addiction prevention and recovery strategies.