Challenge and Hope: The Quest for the Healing of the Next Generation

Abstract by Rogelio Paquini

Youth and young adults often experience a range of stressors and traumatic events that can significantly impact their physical, emotional and psychological well-being. These experiences may include abuse, neglect, poverty, discrimination and exposure to violence. The aftermath of trauma can result in various adverse outcomes, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse and behavioral problems. Therefore, these individuals must receive adequate healing and support to address the trauma they have experienced and foster positive growth and development.

Trauma can interfere with an individual's sense of self, interpersonal relationships, and capacity to trust others. If left unaddressed, the effects of trauma can persist into adulthood and exacerbate difficulties in personal and professional relationships. Healing and support can help to mitigate these negative impacts and facilitate the development of resiliency. Recovery may include providing access to mental health services, fostering safe and supportive environments, and promoting a sense of belonging in a faith-based community.

The healing and support of youth and young adults are crucial to promoting their overall well-being and ensuring their successful transition into adulthood. By addressing the effects of trauma, we can help to equip these individuals with the tools and resources necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve a fulfilling life.