Healing and the Power of God's Word

Abstract by Jiří Moskala

The lack of scientific studies on the benefits of reading, meditating and memorizing biblical texts is eloquent enough (or speaks volumes). This neglect is understandable and may be due to the fact that the scientific world does not consider the Bible to be inspired, sacred Scripture and thus a unique type of literature. The belief that the Bible is the Word of God is a spiritual, religious premise. Those who adhere to the supernatural origin of the Bible may be sympathetic to the psychosomatic relations regarding “Healing and the Power of God’s Word.”

This presentation focuses on exegetical data and is theological in nature rather than technical or medical. It will contrast transcendental meditation to meditation from the biblical perspective and its benefits. Inner shalom and the strengthening of the emotional intelligence and the power of the mind are dominant positive effects on our behavior when one reads, meditates, repeats and memorizes God’s promises. People often self-report and self-reflect on how reading the Bible helped them in their various crisis situations as well as amid the everyday duties, joys and struggles of life.