MA (Religious Education) FLE and Social Work


The Dual Degree Program in Family Life and Masters in Social Work will follow the model of the CIDP/MSW and MAYYAM/MSW dual degrees, where students are able to complete two degrees in 3 years, with a tuition reduction of 33% for the MSW credits. For seminary credits, the student may apply for the MA (Religious Education) tuition discount. 
To facilitate this objective, the two programs will reduce the total number of required credits and will share a practicum and a limited number of elective courses.  Specifically, the SOWK Dept. will reduce the required number of credits from 56 to 44 by allowing students to take their required electives in the Seminary.  Sixteen credits will be shared between the two programs.
The MA (Religious Education) is a 48 credit degree, but it will share 16 credits with the MSW program and accept 3 MSW credits as electives thereby reducing the MA (Religious Education) credits to 45. 


To allow students interested in pursuing both degrees to complete their studies in less time and for less money.  We have had students interested in pursuing degrees in both family life and social work.  The dual degree will strengthen the capabilities of students in both programs, by preparing them for work in religious education and discipleship of families and the clinical skills to work with families more in depth, be able to develop programs to support families, and have an awareness of community resources to assist them even further.


Required Courses for the Degree
MA (Religious Education)
Family Life Emphasis
Religious Education Core: 12 cr., Religion/Theology Core: 2 cr., Family Life Core: 6 cr.
EDFN 500 - Philosophical Foundations for Professionals
DSRE 610 - Teaching for Discipleship or EDCI 565 - Improving Instruction
Psychology/Sociology/ or DSRE658 - Internal Dynamics of Family
DSRE 605 - Issues in Religious Education
Leadership study or practicum appropriate to emphasis area
EDRM 505 - Research Methods
DSRE 541 - Foundations of Biblical Spirituality
DSRE 620 - Scholarly and Professional Development 

Family Life Emphasis (not shared): 9 cr.
DSRE503 Marriage, Family & Interpersonal Relationships
DSRE 635 - Christian Perspectives on Professional Ethics
DSRE 657 - Family Law and Public Policy
DSRE 658 - Internal Dynamics of Families
DSRE651 - Fnds. Biblical Counseling (not required for CFLE certification)
DSRE 659 - Human Sexuality
DSRE 679 - Parenting Education and Guidance
DSRE 680 - Field Practicum: Religious Education
CHMN 575 - Principles of Stewardship 

29 credits
Social Work

Core: 30 cr.
For specific courses on this area, please check with the Department of Social Work.


30 credits
Shared Credits Shared Credits: 16
SOWK 515/DSRE 635 Christian Perspectives on Ethics and Diversity (3 cr.)
SOWK 535/DSRE 680 Field Practicum (3 cr.)
SOWK 635 and Leadership/Practicum (1 cr.)
SOWK 550 Social Welfare Policy and DSRE657 Family Law and Public Policy (3 cr.)
SOWK659/DSRE659 Human Sexuality (3 credits)
SOWK 561/562 Social Work Research I and II with EDRM505 Educational and Psychological Research (3 credits)
16 credits
  Total 75 credits
(16 shared credits)

Since both the CIDP and MAYYAM programs reduce the total credits in order to reduce costs and achieve a more streamlined and efficient program, both degrees must be received simultaneously in order to fulfill the requirements of either degree.