MA in Youth & Young Adult Ministry and Comm & International Development


The Dual Degree Program in Community and International Development (CIDP) and Youth and Young Adult Ministry (MAYYAM) will follow the model of the CIDP/SOWK dual degree and MAYYAM/SOWK dual degrees, where students are able to complete two degrees in 3 years, with a tuition reduction of 33% for the CIDP credits. For seminary credits, the student may apply for the MAYYAM tuition discount. 

To facilitate this objective, the two programs will reduce the total number of required credits and will share a practicum and a limited number of elective courses. Specifically, CIDP will reduce the required number of credits from 39 to 30, removing the concentration requirement.  CIDP’s 1-credit Practicum requirement will be fulfilled through MAYYAM’s required practicum. Additionally, up to 2 CIDP elective credits can be taken in MAYYAM. 

The MAYYAM program is a 48-credit degree but it will share 6 elective credits with the CIDP program thereby reducing MAYYAM credits to 42.


To allow students interested in pursuing both degrees to complete their studies in less time and for less money.  We have had many prospective students express interest in pursuing degrees in both ministry and development. The dual degree will strengthen the capabilities of students in both programs, preparing them for work with non-profit organizations, churches and missions. 


Courses Required for the Degree

Religion Core: 18cr.
DSRE541 Fnds. Biblical Spirituality
CHIS574 Dev of SDA Theology
CHMN523 Worship: Word & Music
Two Courses in Biblical Studies
Two courses in Theology
One course in Christian Ministry
One Course in World Mission

Youth Ministry Core: 12cr.
DSRE534 Ministry to Youth & Young Adults
DSRE564 Adv Youth & Young Adult Ministry Leadership
DSRE608 Youth & Young Adults in Contemporary Culture
DSRE656 Counseling Youth and Young Adults
CHMN632 Contextualized Preaching

DSRE605 Issues in Religious Education
Or DSRE610Teaching for Discipleship

Practicum: 6cr. (with 1 shared with CIDS680)

Youth Ministry Electives: Choose 6credits from:
DSRE503 Marriage, Family & Interpersonal Relationships
DSRE619 Religious Experience in Adolescence
DSRE626 Ministry to At-Risk Youth
DSRE636 Seminar in Youth Ministry
DSRE651 Fnds. Biblical Counseling
DSRE678 Spiritual Nurture of Children
CHMN553 The Church & Social Issues
CHMN555 Pastoral Counseling
CHMN574 Perspectives in Church Marketing
CHMN616 Spirituality in Ministry
CHMN623 Innovative Evangelism
CHMN656 Holistic Small Groups

Shared electives: 6cr CIDP courses accepted

48 credits
MA Comm & Intern Dev For specific courses on this area, please check with the Comm & International Dev Office.

Core: 10cr.
Development Management: 11cr.
Research Tools: 6cr.
Practicum: 1cr (fulfilled by DSRE660)

Shared Electives: 2cr: MAYYAM courses accepted
30 credits
  Total 69 credits
(9 shared credits)

Since both the CIDP and MAYYAM programs reduce the total credits in order to reduce costs and achieve a more streamlined and efficient program, both degrees must be received simultaneously in order to fulfill the requirements of either degree.