Youth & Young Adults Emphasis

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Required Courses for the Degree

Prerequisites GSEM525 The Bible & Biblical History (C+ minimum) OR Pass Bible Knowledge Entrance Test (with 80% +) 1 credit
Core Courses  DSRE541 Fnds. Biblical Spirituality
CHIS574 Dev of SDA Theology
CHMN523 Worship: Word & Music
Two Courses in OT/NT Studies
Two courses in Theology
One course in Chrsitian Ministry
One Course in World Mission
18 credits

Emphasis Courses 

DSRE534 Ministry to Youth & Young Adults
DSRE564 Adv Youth & Young Adult Ministry Leadership
DSRE608 Youth & Young Adults in Contemporary Culture
DSRE656 Counseling Youth and Young Adults
CHMN632 Contextualized Preaching

DSRE605 Issues in Religious Education
Or DSRE610Teaching for Discipleship 

DSRE660 Field Practicum: YYAM (The credits for this course could be split in different semesters. Student should complete a minimum of 24 credits before enrolling in this course)
Or Learning in Professional Experience (Must be approved by the dean, see particulars in bulletin)


Choose 6 credits of the following
DSRE503 Marriage, Family & Interpersonal Relationships
DSRE619 Religious Experience in Adolescence
DSRE626 Ministry to At-Risk Youth
DSRE636 Seminar in Youth Ministry
DSRE651 Fnds. Biblical Counseling
DSRE678 Spiritual Nurture of Children
CHMN553 The Church & Social Issues
CHMN555 Pastoral Counseling
CHMN574 Perspectives in Church Marketing
CHMN616 Spirituality in Ministry
CHMN623 Innovative Evangelism
CHMN656 Holistic Small Groups

24 credits
Elective Courses    6 credits
  Total   48 credits