Admission Requirements

Religious Education - MA


Eligibility Requirements

  • Baccalaureate Degree: a four-year degree from an accredited United States institution, or its equivalent from an institution outside the U.S.
  • Undergraduate GPA: minimum 2.75. The entire student profile is considered during the admissions process.
  • English Proficiency: students whose language of education is not English must submit a minimum TOEFL score (565-paper based ; 85-computer based).


Admission Requirements

  • Official Transcripts: from institutions where all post-secondary coursework was taken. Download Transcript Request PDF
  • Recommendations: two academic recommendations and one church admin/employer recommendation are required. Recommendations from relatives and friends will not be accepted.  You are asked to provide names and email addresses on the online application. Recommenders will then receive an email with a direct link to the form.
  • Resume or Professional History: Information about your employment, research, or special projects.
  • GRE Score: the exam must be taken within five years prior to admission.
  • Statement of Purpose: a 500-word essay explaining your objectives in seeking a graduate degree at Andrews University. Include a description of your personal, professional, and academic goals; your philosophical perspective; and what you hope to accomplish professionally in ten years following the completion of your degree.
  • Personality Questionnaire: complete and return the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire as directed.


Additional Requirements for International Students

  • Transcripts: internation students have two options for submitting their transcripts:
    • Sending transcripts directly from the university attended. Official, literal English translations of transcripts, along with the original-language documents, from institutions where English is not considered the official language.
    • Or Having official transcript evaluations done through one of our approved credential evaluation agencies: WES, AACRAO or ECE. Evaluations must be sent directly from the organization to us and must include:
      • Overall GPA
      • Degree Title Equivalent in the U.S.
      • Date the degree was conferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree Diploma: a copy of the literal English translation of the diploma, along with the original-language document may be sent by email. The copy of the Diploma is not needed if the transcripts come through an approved credential evaluation agency (WES, AACRAO, ECE) listing the graduation date. Also, a copy of the diploma is not needed if the transcripts list the graduation date and degree conferred.
  • Secondary Documents: A copy of these Secondary Documents may be required where applicable.
    • Baccalaureate for the French system
    • Abitur Diploma for the German system
    • A-level results for the British system
  • Summary of Educational Experience: complete the Educational Summary Form and submit to the Office of Graduate Enrollment Management.
  • I-20 Form: international students must obtain an I-20 form before applying for a visa. The requirements for obtaining an I-20 form are:
    • Academic acceptance
    • Payment of $3,000 advance deposit (not required for Mexico and Canada)
    • Submit the Estimated Budget Sheet showing evidence of financial resources for one academic year
    • A full semester payment in advance is required for citizens of Kenya and Ethiopia


Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is an alternative option available for international students who do not attain the minimum requirements for the TOEFL exam. This program allows you to begin classes while helping reinforce your English language skills. If you become part of the bridge program, you must complete 2 semesters in this program, and pass all courses before you can be considered a regular student in your degree. If at any point in time you pass the TOEFL exam, then you can continue your education as a regular student beginning the following semester.

  ESL Only Bridge 1 Bridge 2 Minimum Admission Requirement
TOEFL iBT Below 66 66-75 76-84 85
TOEFL ITP Below 515 515-539 540-564 565


Bridge 1: 3 ESL courses + 3 credits of academic courses.

Bridge 2: 2 ESL courses + 6 credits of academic courses.


The Office of Graduate Enrollment Management reserves the right to request additional documents at its own discretion.