2017-2018 Basic Costs

  Expenses Semester
Tuition and General Fees Tuition (Master's Level)  $1,073.00/credit
Tuition (Doctoral and Ed.S)  $1,248.00/credit
Graduate General Fee  $385.00
Seminary General Fee


Seminary Activity Fee  $14.00
Continuation Fees Master's Project/Thesis/Program Continuation  $251.00
Doctoral Dissertation  $627.00
Seminary Program Continuation  $757.00
Preparation for Comprehensive Exams  $216.00

The following discounts are available for our students:

  • Seminary Spouse Discount - qualified spouses of full-time, on-campus Seminary students may enroll for up to 9 (max) credits per semester for net tuition charge of $130.00/credit in the SDA Theological Seminary (all conditions must be met).
  • 25% Tuition Discount for MA (Religious Education) students with a cumulative GPA above 3.0
  • 25% Tuition Discount for MAYYAM students with cumulative GPA 2.5 - 2.99
  • 38% Tuition Discount for MAYYAM students with cumulative GPA above 3.0

Students must apply for the discount at the beginning of every semester. Please contact the department's administrative assistant at either or for more information about discounts.

To learn more information about finances please visit our financial section and/or contact your financial advisor.