About Physics Enterprises

Physics Enterprises, founded in 1977 by Bruce Lee, is an auxiliary entity of Andrews University designing and manufacturing unique and affordable teaching equipment for classroom demonstrations and science labs suitable for all levels of education.

Over the thirty years, we brought several significant products to the teaching equipment market, which resulted in awards by the American Association of Physics Teachers. Interesting products immediately useful to the classroom, affordable prices, and strong personal customer relationships became our main core competencies.

We are appreciative of enduring relationships we have with our business partners including Vernier Software & Technology, PASCO scientific, VWR Sargent-Welch, American 3B, TEL-Atomic. Our goal is to provide the customer with professional customer service based on reliability and attentiveness.

Our products serve mainly to the physics teachers in the upper-level education. Thus, we have continued close association with scientists in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Clinical Laboratory Science, and Engineering. Our goal is to bring you products known for their quality, effectiveness, and affordable prices.

Employees & Work Environment
Our staff includes professionals in the areas of business and engineering. In addition, student workers gain experience in the areas of electronics and manufacturing while they work to finance their education. We endeavor to provide a pleasant and rewarding work environment for all of our staff members and student workers.

Business Ethic
We conduct business in accordance with the Christian values of integrity and fairness and general ethical guidelines of Andrews University. 

A.U. Physics Enterprises is a non-profit organization, which donates revenues to Andrews University and supports various projects and scholarships.