Parent Information

Welcome Parents!

The academic advisors at Andrews University want to help your son or daughter have a satisfying academic experience and to help them use the resources available on campus.

The role of the academic advisor is to give students tools, information, and suggestions which they will use to make informed decisions.  It is the student’s responsibility to take an active role in their education.  Students need to be knowledgeable of university policies and procedures and to seek out the information they need -- academic advisors will play a key role in helping students in their quest for knowledge.

Parents may, at times, find themselves in a complex position regarding their son or daughter’s academic planning and experiences.  Parents are encouraged to talk to their son or daughter about the importance of maintaining a relationship with their academic advisor and also the importance of learning to search for answers on their own.

Suggestions for Parents and Families
  • Encourage your daughter/son to find her/his own solutions to problems.  Andrews University has many resources for students to use.  Offer advice when asked, but allow your student to be responsible for seeking solutions to problems.
  • Help your daughter/son utilize the right tools.  These include the Andrews University bulletin, her/his academic advisor, as well as the support centers on campus.  Encourage your student to learn about university rules and expectations.
  • Be supportive of your student.  Listen to him/her, ask questions and talk about issues mentioned.  Although your student is now in university and is more independent, your support and encouragement is still extremely important.

What is a FERPA and the FERPA "form" I hear about?

Andrews University complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended.  This law is commonly referred to as FERPA

FERPA provides students with certain privacy rights in their educational records and, except in limited circumstances, educational records may not be released to anyone outside the institution without prior authorization by students.  The University’s policies dealing with FERPA are explained more fully in the Bulletin. 

By completing the on-line Access to Student Educational Records Authorization Form students will enable the University to fully communicate with parents, guardians, and/or other individuals whose involvement may be important to students’ success at Andrews University. 

Students access this document on-line through their preVue and iVue profiles and indicate the name or names of individuals they authorize to have access to their educational information.      

How does FERPA affect parents?
  • If you call on behalf of your son or daughter, the information you can expect to receive will be general information about the university and its policies with regards to students.  The university is unable to release student information without written consent by the student. 
  • Students who are currently enrolled (or were enrolled in the past), regardless of age or status, are  protected by FERPA.  Students who wish to grant access to academic information to a parents, guardians, or other designated persons will need do so on-line through iVue or preVue.