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Undergraduate Leadership
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Welcome to the Undergraduate Leadership Program

At Andrews University we understand that sooner or later everything comes down to leadership. Whether pursuing a profession, parenting children or following the Gospel commission, it all rises and falls on intentional influence…leadership. Some of these moments will be in public with the spotlight on, while others appear private in one to one relationships. No matter. Every person encounters critical opportunities of impact every day. It won’t require a title or position to change the world. You simply must be ready.

"Leadership is intentional influence."

If, in fact, Leadership is influence, then we at Andrews assume that everyone is a leader. This makes our job easy because we don't have to identify leaders. We simply ask the question, "Are you maximizing your leadership potential?"

The Undergraduate Leadership Program seeks to develop young leaders and to partner with them on their leadership journey. Presently there are two ways in which our students can become involved in our program.

1. LEAD101. This class is designed to stand alone or to function as the gateway into the Leadership Certificate.

2. Leadership Certificate. Students who complete LEAD101 may apply for the Leadership Certificate Program.

More information on LEAD101 and the Leadership Certificate is coming soon. Please feel free to email questions to

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