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Why Leadership?

Sometimes, people think that a leader is someone who is on stage a lot. Or who likes to tell people what to do. Or is always charismatic and funny. At Andrews, we have a slightly different view of leadership. We ask questions like:

What is your particular skillset? And how will you use it in the major you've picked?
What experiences, ideas, and unique perspectives do you bring to the table, that others can learn from?
How do you work with personalities and cultures that are different than yours?
How do you pitch a good idea at an organization, and make it happen? 

We believe that leaders are simply people who know how to use their skillset in the right way, at the right time. Whether it's learning how to be more efficient with your homework time (Leading Self), figuring out how to work with a difficult coworker (Leading Others), or instituting a campus-wide event (Leading Organizations), everything comes down to intentional influence

What impact will your influence have? 




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