Those who have lived or worked in Meier Hall, the men's residence on campus, will remember its layout. A basement and three floors. Suite-style rooms on east and west wings. A receiving lobby with a large fireplace that sits just steps away from administrative offices. And above those offices, in the middle of the building, is the chapel.

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About three years ago, Nicholas Lozito was giving a sermon when he felt strongly impressed to be a chaplain.

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Telling our story through film taught me what sisterhood is.

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As I sat, I waited for Dr. Davidson (my advisor, lovingly referred to as “Doc”) to scold me for having performed so poorly the quarter before. He so easily could have broken me with even the slightest hint of disappointment.

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An experiment on film

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My parents went out to Africa in 1953. I was born there. They were a singing family; I grew up in a family that sang a lot. We lived in an area where the people sang a great deal: Amongst the indigenous tribe of the Lozi, also known as the Silozi. They were supporters of the arts, and their particular art form that they did well in and excelled was singing. So I grew up singing with natives and singing in the home. That was my introduction to music. My first five years was immersed in the vocal...

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A tribute in honor of Luz Ruiz Tenorio

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Student Missions Week Jan. 23-27

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"In first grade you were expected to read, and the teacher made me read in front of everybody,” she recalls. “That was terrifying. I would stutter, I couldn’t get the words right and I always felt like people were laughing at me."

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Every once in a while, our stories are marred by tragedy. And so, it is with sadness that we pause to mark the Andrews University story—a story touched once again, by tragedy. On Sabbath, Nov.19, 2016, tragedy took the life of two of our finest—Austin Currie, a junior engineering student from the great state of Illinois, and Chandler Koerting, a junior computer science student, also from Illinois. They were inseparable friends—inseparable in life and in death.                                                I spent my Sunday evening in the Meier Hall Chapel with a gathering of students, staff, faculty...

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New SBA dean has passion for others-focused leadership

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About Stories of Andrews

In August 2016, in her first University Convocation address as the sixth president of Andrews University, Dr. Andrea Luxton shared her idea that life is a story:

“Today's chapter is about each of us at Andrews University and how each of our individual stories intersect with the story of Andrews. Andrews will be changed because of your story. You will be changed because of the Andrews story. We will all be changed by the stories of each other—if we choose to engage.”

As a college graduate holding a degree in English, with a doctoral dissertation on the biblical book of Hebrews and Milton's “Paradise Lost,” President Luxton has a passion for great literature. Stories have played a major role in her education, her development of thought and her career.

This passion is sparked in a significant way here on the campus of Andrews University, where stories walk the halls, fill offices and classrooms and shape who each of us are today. The idea behind Stories of Andrews is to tell those stories so that we can all learn from them and understand our role in the development of each story's characters and plot.

The diversity of Andrews is not just in the myriad ethnicities, nationalities, cultures and heritages that coexist and cross paths every day. There is a diversity of stories at Andrews that is unparalleled and invaluable.

Inspired in part by the popular Humans of New York project, Stories of Andrews aims to tell the stories of students, staff and faculty as they intersect here on campus and beyond. To create connections that aren't possible individually due to the pull of life we all experience. To engage in conversation, not just monologues.

“Stories like these are the spirit of Andrews. You are Andrews. We are Andrews. Together, we are the spirit and story of Andrews.” – Andrea Luxton, president, Andrews University

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Chaplains Jose Bourget, June Price and Michael Polite