In 1988, David Village graduated from Andrews University with a master's in physical therapy.

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In 1978, Marjorie Gadway moved to the Berrien Springs area with her husband and children. She applied for a job at Andrews University and was told that the preferred job was not available. Instead, she was offered a position as a supervisor for the Custodial department.

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"I never thought I would be doing what I'm doing now," says Christine Carlson of her job at the Office of Financial Records as the accounts payable supervisor.

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Donald and Rebecca May have spent their entire professional careers together at Andrews University for the last 40 years.

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Gary Gray first came to Andrews in the fall of 1977 and enrolled in the Master of Divinity program.

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As a young man, Carey Carscallen envisioned himself becoming a shop teacher, so he completed his undergraduate degree in industrial education at Walla Walla University. While in school, he went to Zambia as a student missionary, doing maintenance and construction at Yuka Hospital.

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Spencer Carter first arrived at Andrews in 1973 as a proud alumnus of Northeastern Academy in New York City. He earned his BS in communications and his master's degree in what was then known as community counseling.

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Rita Pusey always knew she wanted a job or career that involved service. She received her BS in education from Andrews University in 1972 and then started her career as a faculty member and girls dean at Union Springs Academy in New York state.

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About seven and a half years ago, Margaret Howell saw a posting for employment on the School of Social Work's website at Andrews University. She applied and became an assistant professor of social work.

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"I've always found joy in every job I ever did," says Keith Mattingly of his 40-year experience at Andrews. "What I particularly enjoyed is being able to play a role in effecting change that brings joy and improvement to other people's lives."

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While attending Broadview Academy in Illinois, Greg Offenback loved working on the 400-acre farm they operated so he decided to attend Andrews University to obtain a degree in agriculture. During his final quarter at Andrews in the winter of 1978, he received a phone call from Bernard Andersen, then department chair and farm manager.

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"When I had my first interview at Plant Services as assistant manager I was overwhelmed at the scope of the job and the complexity of all the maintenance on campus. But with the help of a lot of good people I was able to pick up the intricacies of the job fairly quickly," says Paul Elder, director of Facilities Management.

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"It was one of those deals where it's like you come to a fork in the road and you have to make a choice," says Max Jardine, HVAC foreman and master electrician. "I made the choice to become an electrician, and I haven't regretted it."

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About Stories of Andrews

In August 2016, in her first University Convocation address as the sixth president of Andrews University, Dr. Andrea Luxton shared her idea that life is a story:

“Today's chapter is about each of us at Andrews University and how each of our individual stories intersect with the story of Andrews. Andrews will be changed because of your story. You will be changed because of the Andrews story. We will all be changed by the stories of each other—if we choose to engage.”

As a college graduate holding a degree in English, with a doctoral dissertation on the biblical book of Hebrews and Milton's “Paradise Lost,” President Luxton has a passion for great literature. Stories have played a major role in her education, her development of thought and her career.

This passion is sparked in a significant way here on the campus of Andrews University, where stories walk the halls, fill offices and classrooms and shape who each of us are today. The idea behind Stories of Andrews is to tell those stories so that we can all learn from them and understand our role in the development of each story's characters and plot.

The diversity of Andrews is not just in the myriad ethnicities, nationalities, cultures and heritages that coexist and cross paths every day. There is a diversity of stories at Andrews that is unparalleled and invaluable.

Inspired in part by the popular Humans of New York project, Stories of Andrews aims to tell the stories of students, staff and faculty as they intersect here on campus and beyond. To create connections that aren't possible individually due to the pull of life we all experience. To engage in conversation, not just monologues.

“Stories like these are the spirit of Andrews. You are Andrews. We are Andrews. Together, we are the spirit and story of Andrews.” – Andrea Luxton, president, Andrews University

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