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Board of Trustees

Benjamin D. Schoun, Vice President
General Conference of SDA

Don Livesay, President
Lake Union Conference of SDA

Niels-Erik Andreasen, President
Andrews University

Lisa M. Beardsley-Hardy, Director
Education Department
General Conference of SDA

Debbi J. Christensen, accountant
Propp Christensen Caniglia LLP

Michael G. Edge, President
Wisconsin Conference of SDA

Jay Gallimore, President
Michigan Conference of SDA

Cletus R. Georges, physician
Mid Florida Urological Associates

Lynn S. Gray physician
Lakeland HealthCare

Loren Hamel, President and CEO
Lakeland HealthCare

Edwin Hernandez, Director
DeVos Family Foundations

Dann Hotelling, Finance Director
Global Family Care, Proctor & Gamble

Van G. Hurst, President
Indiana Conference of SDA

Daniel Jackson, President
North American Division
General Conference of SDA

Mark A. Johnson, President
Canadian Union Conference of SDA

Sandra K. Johnson, Senior Vice President
Adventist Health System

R. Clifford Jones, President
Lake Region Conference of SDA

Donald King, President
Atlantic Union Conference

Robert E. Lemon, Treasurer
General Conference of SDA

Fred Manchur, President
Kettering Medical Center

Larry R. Moore, President
Southwestern Union Conference of SDA

William G.C. Murdoch, Jr., Assoc. Professor
Department of Psychiatry, Loma Linda University

G.T. Ng, Secretary
General Conference of SDA

Ray Pichette, President
Illinois Conference of SDA 

Juan R. Prestol-Puesan, Undertreasurer
General Conference of SDA

Barbara J. Randall, owner
White Oaks Retirement Residence

David R. Rowe, General Manager
STEALTHbits Technologies

Glynn Scott, Treasurer
Lake Union Conference of SDA

Ron C. Smith, President
Southern Union Conference

Paul A. Stokstad, President
Pasco Scientific

Judith L. Storfjell, Associate Dean
University of Illinois at Chicago

Garry Sudds, Director, Office of Education
Lake Union Conference of SDA

Gary Thurber, Secretary
Lake Union Conference of SDA

Lynne K. Waihee, President
Read To Me International Foundation

Dana L. Wales, Managing Principal
Wales & Associates

Rebekah Wang Cheng, Medical Director
Kettering Medical Center

Ted N.C. Wilson, President
General Conference of SDA

Danielle Wuchenich, attorney

Edward E. Zinke, retired President
Ann's House of Nuts

Lowell Cooper, General Vice President
General Conference of SDA

G Thomas Evans, Treasurer
North American Division of SDA

Ricardo Graham, President
Pacific Union Conference of SDA

Thomas Lemon, President
Mid America Union of SDA

Ella L.S. Simmons, General Vice President
General Conference of SDA

Max Torkelsen II, President
North Pacific Union Conference of SDA

David Weigley, President
Columbia Union Conference of SDA

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