Why Social Work at Andrews?

  1. Make a Difference.  Over 640,000 social workers change lives every day.
  2. Job Security.  Hundreds of job options … you should never be bored or unemployed.
  3. Growing Profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 19% growth through 2022, faster than the average for all occupations.
  4. Accreditation Matters. Our program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education through 2019.
  5. 4 + 1 and Done.  Graduate with both BSW & MSW in only 5 years; save $23,000 on MSW costs in the process.
  6. Experience Matters.  Our eight faculty teach their classes based on years of real-world experience.
  7. Class Size Matters.  Small class sizes mean you create community with faculty and students, along with plenty of skills practice.
  8. Practice Makes Perfect.  Skills are perfected in 400-hour agency internship.
  9. 100%.  That’s our pass rate for professional licensure and job placements.
  10. Chocolate Mondays.  Everyone needs a little sweetness once a week.


Watch students making the case for Andrews