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Our times are no ordinary times. Global crises are disrupting life as we know it for ordinary people everywhere. In times like these Jesus-followers are called to turn everyday encounters into life-changing conversations and actions. Equipped with the conceptual tools, leading-edge missional thinking, and context-sensitive strategies we put you at the forefront of global change-making for life flourishing. 

Why Global Leadership?
The Global Leadership focus of this certificate program is for leaders in the marketplace in any local or global context. Such leaders are involved in the most weighty matters of life: "justice, mercy, and faithfulness” (Mt 23:23).  The goal of the Global Leadership Certificate is, therefore, to empower ordinary people like you to be catalysts for social reformation, soul healing, and spiritual regeneration in providential encounters with people in any professional or common-life context. 

Start of the Program
New: Oct. 5, 2021

Contact: leader@andrews.edu

Total Credits Required to Graduat
12 semester units (credits)

Each seminar: 2 credits
Capstone: 2 credits

Time depends on your world timezone
Virtually face-to-face (Zoom)

Global Leadership is an exciting field-tested leadership program for world changers.  It is designed for "glocal" working professionals like you, seeking to unleash your God-given potential either at home or globally. It consists of 5 seven-week seminars  and a World Changer capstone project.

It is available as (1) a Graduate Leadership Certificate for credit or (2) a Professional Leadership Certificate without credit.

Need help deciding? Contact leader@andrews.edu.


Registration Options

Register for the Graduate Certificate in Leadership. To qualify for admission you must hold a four-year baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited American university or senior college, or its equivalent from a comparably recognized institution outside the U.S. You must have the ability to handle graduate level work in English. The minimum overall GPA should be 2.6 or higher.

Certificate tuition fee per credit: $582/per credit, which is $1164/course (2 credits each).

Certificate credits may be transferable into the MA, DLead, or PhD in Leadership.

► If you have questions please email the Leadership Department at leader@andrews.edu.

To become part of this new program: (1) Apply to the Graduate Leadership Certificate. Once admitted to the program, you will be assigned a program advisor. (2) In the fall of 2021, register for the seminar LEAD 689-998 (CRN: 1760): The Plan: Grasping the Global Conversation. Register now. Space is limited.

If you are not interested in earning graduate credit, register for the Professional Certificate. You will be directed to the Andrews University Marketplace. Click on Global Leadership Certificate Courses and register for the current course offered.
Course Fee: $199 for each course.

Course for Fall 2021: The Plan: Grasping the Global Conversation

Start of the course: Oct. 5, 2021  The time depends on your world time zone. 

Register now. Space for this pilot program is limited.

► If you have any questions please email us at leaders@andrews.edu.


Please note that the professional leadership certificate is not transferable into an academic program.


Who Should Apply?

How do you know if this pilot program is for you? 

Are you willing to accept your calling to make a difference where God has placed you? Perhaps you are . . .

  • an executive successful in the world of the deal 
  • a manager skilled in making things happen
  • an entrepreneur just starting out
  • a nurse longing to be used by God while at work at the bedside
  • a professional in the marketplace wondering if the Good News still has the edge in our upside down world

. . . come and see how to be a difference maker right now. We are designing the learning modules for people like you. So you can navigate the complex world of the marketplace and the public square and get the tools to live out your calling as a changer maker.

Modular Design

The Global Leadership seminars bring together tools from multiple disciplines to match the complex reality of a changing world.  These seminars are designed as a focus area of the current Graduate Leadership Certificate. The completed Graduate Certificate is transferable in part or as a whole into an MA or doctorate degree of the Leadership Program at Andrews. Please note that each degree program has its own admission requirements which must be met before admission into the program. If interested in that option, please contact us at leader@andrews.edu.

Global Impact

“The Global Leadership program is the golden egg that can hatch in any profession and life context. It has a track record of impact across the globe.”

Thom Wolf, PhD, Educational Entrepreneur and Founder of University Institute, New Delhi, India & Pasadena, CA

Key Features

5 courses + a World Changer project

The program consists of five seminars designed for people working fulltime. Each seminar is taught face-to-face online (on Zoom) in weekly sessions over seven weeks. Sessions are recorded and made available to participants who can't join the live session. The pace of the program is one module per semester.

Each course contributes a distinctive set of tools to your World Changer toolbox that have proven effective in many real-world situations. The program uses various experiential learning methods designed to maximize your learning experience. The World Changer project developed over the span of the program is presented in a special capstone event.


Flexible Learning Structure

The program uses a five-fold learning structure which adapts easily to the life and work context of the participant:

  1. Head: Engaging the mind to develop convictions rooted in the Scriptures
  2. Heart: Focusing on personal life change to develop character for spiritual fruit
  3. Hand: Growing in competency as you develop a toolbox of skills
  4. Habitat: Entering a circle of influence to occupy your unique social space
  5. Hand-it-on: Creating a chain of life-giving multiplication for impact replication

Work with leaders world-wide

A hallmark of the Leadership Program is the power of learning communities that harnesses the benefits of networking with others from a variety of leadership settings. Our participants join us from around the globe — Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Each Certificate cohort is a learning community that is supported by course facilitators and learning coaches.


Join a growing leader community

The program is designed for busy professionals, primarily as an online program. Once the Covid crisis is past, you will also be invited to join us live at Andrews University during the Annual Leadership Conference and Roundtable in the last week of July. These yearly events are optional for Certificate students.


Relationship to other degree programs

Current participants in a Leadership Program are eligible to register for the seminars of the Graduate Leadership Certificate after consulting with their advisors. Global Leadership courses can also be taken on a professional development basis without earning academic credits. When courses are taken as non-credit courses they cannot be transferred into a Leadership degree program.

Course Facilitators

Erich Baumgartner, PhD

Director of the Global Leadership Institute
Director of the PhD in Leadership Program at Andrews University

A native of Austria, Erich is deeply passionate about how leaders live out their calling in their life and business context. He has taught innovative leader development courses and conducted research in social change in over forty countries, and directed the leadership journey of many difference makers around the world.

Thom Wolf, PhD

Founding Director of the University Institute, New Delhi, India, and the Thom Wolf Institute for Global Studies (TWIGS).

TWIGS exists to cultivate leaders who engage in the crucial question of the 21st century's global conversation: What is the best way to live life on this planet. To further the global conversation and life flourishing, UI convenes, connects, and collaborates educational experiences worldwide. For the last 40 years Thom has equipped world changers to serve in challenging places around the world.

Gabriela Phillips, MA, Doctoral Candidate

Gabriela Phillips is the Adventist Muslim Relations coordinator for the North American Division.

Gabriela has been working in challenging life contexts for many years. Her experience with the life-transforming power of love have made her an advocate for communities and a society which prioritizes relationships rooted in love, instead of fear. As a keen observer of life and a researcher of life-changing conversations she has developed conceptual and practical tools and wisdom for difference makers. 

Boubakar Sanou, PhD

Associate Professor of Cross-cultural Leadership at Andrews University

Originally from Burkina Faso, Sanou has researched the challenges spiritual leaders in traditional and Western contexts are facing in order to assist them in living out their Gospel calling in an authentic way. His most recent research focuses on living missionally in urban contexts and the power of incarnational living as intentional change agents.

The Modules

The Global Leadership curriculum is structured into five course modules taught virtually face-to-face (on Zoom) over five semesters, culminating in a World Changer capstone project. Each of the five core modules is taught as a seven-week course focusing on a distinctive competency in the curriculum. The following table lays out the modules indicating the name of the seminars, the semester the seminars are taught in, and also the registration codes and numbers for those taking the program for credit. The course names and dates for the Professional Certificate are the same. The difference is in the course requirements.

1 The Plan

The foundational competency. A perspective-altering introduction to the contending global narratives that will extend your cognitive, spiritual and social bandwidth so you can engage people rooted in any of the eight lifezones as a change agent for life flourishing.

LEAD 689 Seminar: The Plan – Grasping the Global Conversation (2 credits)

~ Fall 2021

Starts October 5 

2 The Perspectives

The reflective competency. A penetrating examination of how the eight worldview lifezones on planet earth answer humanity’s seven basic questions compared to the life-flourishing answers of the Judeo-Christian worldview.

LEAD 689 Seminar: The Perspectives – Comparing the Global Voices (2 credits)


3 The Profile

The analytical competency. Developing your analytical toolbox for reading, respecting, and realistically evaluating any of the eight lifezones on planet earth. 

LEAD 689 Seminar: The Profile – Analyzing the Global Grid (2 credits)

~ Summer 2022: starts Tuesday, May 3, at 1:00 pm (EDT); ends June 7.
Virtually face-to-face on Zoom or asynchronously.

4 The Pattern

The integrative competency of the program focusing on the “These 3” PatternTM, the reproducible pattern for radiant, responsible, and replicative life flourishing anywhere on the planet.

LEAD 689 Seminar: The Pattern – Replicating Radiant Living (2 credits)

~ Fall 2022: starts Tuesday, Sept 6, at 1:00 pm (EDT); ends Oct 18.
Virtually face-to-face on Zoom or asynchronously. 

5 The Pathway

The interrelational competency. Learning how to mentor people way back to the Life Highway of globally commendable living to recover from detours and to reinforce healthy life-flourishing habits.

LEAD 689 Seminar: The Pathway – Cultivating Lifestyle Change (2 credits)

~ Spring 2023: starts Tuesday, Feb 28, at 1:00 pm (EST), ends April 11.
Virtually face-to-face on Zoom or asynchronously. 


The capstone consists of an application project through which participants demonstrate how they have used the principles learned during the program and the replicative efficacy of their leadership.

LEAD 696: Leadership Capstone Experience (2 credits)

~ Spring or Summer 2023

You can also get directly involved in sponsoring a worthy student for the Global Leadership Certificate. Click on Get Involved and choose the option that fits your vision. We value your partnership