Academic Atmosphere

Earn an outstanding business education at a national university known for research opportunities, positive personal connections between professors and students, and ample opportunity to distinguish yourself with honors!

Andrews University is the only Seventh-day Adventist institution recognized as a national university by U.S. News and World Report, one of fewer than 100 private universities (out of 311 total) ranked in this prestigious category.

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

You will enjoy small class sizes as a business student at Andrews University, allowing you high faculty/student interaction with helpful professors. You will be able to grow meaningful relationships with your fellow students, and learn from PhD and professionally qualified faculty who care about you and your success.

“I enjoy the teachers and their willingness to help you through the learning process. They are eager to help you succeed and that shows through their approachability and willingness to offer advice. Asking you how you are faring in their class shows genuine care and interest for the welfare of their students. Getting to know them on a personal basis as well definitely impacts the overall learning experience thanks to the relatively small class sizes.” – Carla Delgado, international business and French major

“I enjoyed the interaction with my teachers and other quality students. I highly respect the integrity of all the professors I have had at Andrews thus far. I have seen kindness, compassion and care towards students from all my professors.” – Robert Moon IV, accounting major

“I enjoy knowing not only a lot of the business students, but also really getting to know my professors. They truly care about the students, and if they see you putting in an effort and caring about your work, they will do everything they can to help you succeed.” – Jason Shockey, accounting, international business and Spanish graduate


Honors Options

Are you an excellent undergraduate student striving to seek knowledge immersed in a learning environment with other motivated students where you are encouraged to ask questions, discuss different points of view and complete research? Consider applying for the J.N. Andrews Scholars Honors program! You will take a separate curriculum of honors courses instead of general education courses, enjoy invitations to honors cultural outings, and participate in an exclusive research project. Visit J.N. Andrews Honors Program to learn more.

Within the College of Professions, you could join our chapter of the Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society if you are in the top 20 percent of your graduating class, either undergraduate or graduate. An invitation to join Delta Mu Delta confirms that you have a proven track record of working hard to achieve excellence in your studies and shows that you have the knowledge and drive to succeed in a business career. Delta Mu Delta members receive a certificate of membership, the Delta Mu Delta Key, purple and gold cords to wear at graduation, and eligibility to compete in the Society’s annual scholarship awards program, among other benefits. Delta Mu Delta membership also looks amazing on your résumé!

Research Opportunities

Andrews University offers you many opportunities to get involved in research. We are classified as a Doctoral/Research University (DRU) according to the Carnegie Classification. Andrews University has an Office of Research & Creative Scholarship which grants Undergraduate Research Scholar awards of $1,000 to undergraduates involved in an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor, in the mentor’s area of expertise.

J.N. Andrews Honors Scholars complete a senior Honors Research Thesis. Each student works with an academic research advisor from among the professors at Andrews University College of Professions. Recent College of Professions Honors Scholars have presented research on “Measuring Student Satisfaction in the Andrews University College of Professions,” “An Examination of Control Fraud in Non-Banking Industries,” “Narcissism and the Selfie: Investigating Millennial Narcissism on Instagram,” and “The Effect of Americanization on Latin American Culture: A Comparative study of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions & Pop Music.”

Our business administration/pre-medicine or pre-dentistry students have fantastic research opportunities both in the STEM departments as well as here in the College of Professions.

“I am doing cancer research under Dr. Denise Smith from the biology department. This benefits me the most because it allows me to think critically and work on my own. Pursuing a career in medicine, it’s important to have confidence in my own ability to assess and execute; research affords me that.” – Noreena Ogidan, business administration/pre-med major

“I’ve learned great practical skills by doing research. Lab techniques, research design, different tools, reading and deciphering literature, and the steps needed for research are all things I’ve learned through my cricket research. MCAT questions are research-based, so it’s been great practice for me.” – Karla Mulzac, business administration/pre-med major

Learn more about undergraduate and graduate research opportunities here!