College of Professions
College of Professions
Chan Shun Hall
4185 E. Campus Circle Dr.
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Schools & Departments


School of Business Administration

The home of Accounting, Economics, & Finance (AEF), Information Systems (IS), and Management, Marketing, & International Business (MMIB)

Developing aviation professionals, empowered to engage and lead in the adventure of the aviation industry and Christ’s worldwide mission.

The Computing department is the home of programs that create solutions for industry, healthcare, academia, society, and the church using the latest computing technology.

Our graduate-level business degrees are designed to provide learners from all walks and in all stages of life the opportunity to further their business education. Learn more about our MBA, MSA, and PhD Programs

Informatics & Data Science Programs

Informatics prepares students to use and apply the latest computing technology.

Data Scientists provide insight and predictions from data. They work in research labs, startups, corporations, universities, governments, and nonprofits.

We are an engaged, values-based community of learners preparing students to transform their workplace.


Why CP?

Learn how to excel in the world of business and technology while integrating your faith and professional experience.

Benefit from a faculty with a wealth of international experience and a student body rich in cultural diversity.

We are the only Seventh-day Adventist institution recognized as a national university by U.S. News and World Report.