International Diversity

At Andrews University you will be surrounded by an abundance of rich cultural experiences and diversity.  We are ranked top ten for both international and ethnic diversity by U.S. News & World Report, compared to other national universities. Over 30 countries are represented by College of Professions faculty and students alone, and 92 countries are represented on the entire Andrews University campus.

The Andrews International Experience

What does this mean for you?  You will be taking classes next to students from all around the globe. You will have the opportunity to learn or practice a foreign language with your friends. Try attending French Sabbath School or the Korean church down the road. Join the Chinese, European, Filipino or other cultural clubs on campus. Are you Scandinavian or have you lived in Scandinavia? There’s a Scandinavian group that meets for “risengrød” (rice pudding) and “hygge” (closest translation is cozy atmosphere). Learn from professors who have lived and worked in countries all over the world and can share their firsthand experiences of cultural differences and business expectations you might encounter outside the U.S.

Study Abroad

Spend a whole year or semester studying abroad through our Adventist Colleges Abroad member program! Learn Spanish in Argentina or Spain, German in Austria or Germany, Arabic in Lebanon, Italian in Italy, or one of the other offered languages in a full year/semester study abroad program. Don’t want to leave for a full year? Several summer programs are offered as well! Visit here for details, or Adventist Colleges Abroad for admissions requirements and other details.

Study Tours

Join one of our College of Professions international study tours. You can take 3–6 credits while learning about business, immersing yourself in local culture, visiting international businesses, and sightseeing at very little additional cost to the credits!  In the past five years, we’ve toured South Africa, China and Hong Kong, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, as well as Australia. If you would like to earn general education religion credits abroad or participate in another department’s study tour, the College of Arts & Sciences offers several additional study tours each year which you can view here, or take the School of Architecture & Interior Design’s European Waldensian Tour for your general education religion credit.

Student Missions

Travel to another country and embrace the local culture for a year as a student missionary. Impact people’s lives and become changed yourself during a unique mission experience you will remember for the rest of your life! Our student missionaries have volunteered in Thailand, Denmark, the Philippines, Honduras, Chile, Palau, Guinea and many more countries all over the world.  Want to volunteer here at home in the USA? Consider volunteering as a Task Force worker for the missions experience without the cultural differences. Visit Andrews University’s Missions website here for more information.

“I was immediately drawn to the international experience and diversity of the faculty and students of Andrews. I knew it could be a place where education would not just be about the books but also learning new languages and beliefs and cultures. I could make close friendships from people all over the world and I love that.” – Sarah Henry Saturne, Management major

“I like all the different activities I can get involved in and the diversity of people I get to meet! I love the international food fair, the interactions with different cultures, and the ethnic clubs you can join to meet people from other countries.” – Arleni Calderon, Management graduate

“I love the fact that my teachers have different backgrounds which helps in bringing different teaching materials to the table and in turn builds me with a dualistic perspective that ultimately sets the tone for my progress in life.” – D’Nedgyne Bissereth, International Business and Spanish major