Faculty Book Adoption

Faculty, please use the appropriate link below to submit your book adoptions. Remember the deadlines:

  • For summer semester: February 16
  • For fall semester: April 1
  • For spring semester: September 1

Questions? Contact the bookstore.

If you are not also taking a class, use your Andrews login to sign in to the Bookstore Adoption Site If you are also in the Andrews system as a student, use this link to sign in to the Bookstore Adoption Site. The first time you use this, you will need to create an account.  

 Faculty: A new link and sign-on process has been provided by the bookstore for those impacted by an error when you attempt to use the Adoptions Insights Portal (AIP) link to submit course material information. 

If you have been unable to submit material using the link previous provided or from a reminder email, please follow these directions going forward. 

Use the direct link to AIP www.aip.bncollege.com

You must sign-in using the lower portion of the webpage where it prompts you for a user email and password.  DO NOT use the portion of the page asking you to select your institution.  That will send you back into the error loop.

Enter your Andrews email account and use the default password which is P@ssword.  Immediately customize your password for future use.

At that point you should be able to see your assigned courses.  Don’t forget to change the Semester you are viewing.  This is found in the top left corner of the site under the Adoptions Review portion.  You will see filters for Schools, Departments and Semesters.