The Global Leadership Institute (GLI) at Andrews University is a collaborative leadership development initiative supported by the General Conference (GC) of Seventh-day Adventists. Our mission is to promote the integrative development of Adventist leaders. For this reason we created LeadLab – a learning laboratory to grow leaders for mission, to support their learning on the journey of being an Adventist leader.


The GLI offers the LeadLab, transformational learning experiences and resources to inspire, equip, and support administrative leaders and their teams to help them fulfill their God-given mission. The LeadLab has four distinct phases (see below). Work with the GLI team to grow growing leaders who grow growing leaders in your field. 

The LeadLab


To find out how the LeadLab might benefit your division or region attached to the GC, the first step is a consultation—an
initial discussion to better understand local needs. GLI does not have a one-size-fits-all program but custom-tailors its offerings to the needs of the region.

LeadLab Launch

LeadLab Launch is a 2-3 day leadership growth event that is organized as a stand-alone event or it can introduce the LeadLab Growth Series. It can also be integrated into a leadership event already planned by your region (e.g., a leadership conference, administrators’ summit, etc.). Both online or face-to-face options are available.

LeadLab Growth Series

The LeadLab Growth Series is a set of learning experiences designed to help leaders better understand themselves, facilitate teams, lead organizations, and ultimately to grow other leaders for mission. This program uses
short, online modules delivered over 6-12 months. The topics and schedule are selected in consultation with each sponsoring organization. 

LeadLab Forward

LeadLab Forward is the culminating event of the Leader Growth Series organized by the partner field. This is a high point for all participants as they meet F2F for three days, reflect on their growth experiences and share how they plan to follow God's call in the future. 

“This has been the most extraordinary journey for the last few months. This has been a rebuilding process for me. There were a few hits I took while working at the union level. This has helped me process that and, in a sense, to get back in the game. I am so grateful for the opportunity the division has given me, and so grateful for the skills and information the LeadLab has given me. I feel reclaimed as a leader, and the cause of God will be the one benefiting from that. Every day I am thankful for the GLI team and the opportunity to be in the LeadLab Growth Series.”

—LeadLab Growth Series Participant, South Pacific Division

“GLI has been so helpful. Each week there seems to be a compounding impact of all this information that is helping me become a spirit filled and more thoughtful leader. I am so grateful to the GLI team”

—LeadLab Growth Series Participant, South Pacific Division

“The LeadLab Growth Series has been such an incredible blessing to my ministry journey—both personally and professionally. The timeliness of these classes has been nothing short of a miracle. The content of today's presentation, and the rest of our sessions, have helped to bring so much clarity and insight to my ministry experiences. I have already learned so much. Thank you GLI for the time and commitment to this process.”

—LeadLab Growth Series Participant, South Pacific Division


“Christ has said, 'Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.' That is the work we are to do, and God will help us by letting His light shine through us. We want to be the very best and most intelligent workers that there are anywhere.”


-Ellen White, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 23, 1888



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