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A Trip to the Past!

Nailea Soto

Photo by Nathaniel Reid

38 days, 4 hours, 36 minutes, and 40 seconds. That is how far away summer break is from the time I am writing this article. At this very moment, Andrews University is overflowing with students anticipating (or running from) the summer jobs, internships, or vacations that are sure to take up some, if not all, of the summer. Ah yes, young adulthood at its finest. 210 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes, and 50 seconds. Can you figure out the time I’m writing this? Here’s a hint: that is how far away the first day of school is from this time. Oh reader, as much as I would love to see if you can figure it out, time is of the essence! So, let’s get a recap of 2023-2024 students’ favorite events and see if you can figure out what time I’m writing this message.

Starting off with none other than AUSA’s banquet: The Gallery. The theme? New York Fashion Week. Featuring a “glambot,” music, and artwork from Andrew’s very own students, this gala was a night to remember for many. “I really liked how they displayed student artwork,” Arleny Aquino (senior, global studies and communications) says. “I also thought it was so cool that they had a caricature artist. I think they did a really good job planning this event.” 

Next, we have our Night Market! Imitating an actual night market, this event allowed students to walk through different booths that showcased various foods and games from clubs like AFIA, AULA, KASA, and SASA. “I liked the different clubs that partook in it because you got to try a little bit of everything in terms of activities and food from the different cultures the clubs were representing,” remarks Vivienne Lupu (junior, social work). In the end, these clubs came together to create a vibrant, lively night that set the standards for events to come!

Let’s not forget the event that walked so that the rest of the events could run! The Nest, hosted by AUSA, had smoothie bowls, karaoke, and polaroids for the start of the semester. As Anders Jeronimo (senior, biochemistry and French) shared, “the atmosphere was very warm, weather and otherwise, and freeing with students coming together with food and music; what more could you want?” 

The AU Theatre Wing’s performance was a huge success amongst students, too. Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman, “You Can’t Take It With You” tells the story of two people from different backgrounds who attempt to bring their families together at one dinner party. “The whole performance was really well put together,” says Christen Li (junior, global studies and anthropology), and I can’t seem to disagree! With the support of those who helped make this play possible, they were able to bring themes of different perspectives and the importance of nonconformity to Andrews University.

Did anyone else watch March Madness? If you went to the Newmyer Classic Tournament here at Andrews University, you kind of got the Adventist version…but with high schools! Various academies came together to worship, spend time together, and, most importantly, play basketball! Our very own 2023-2024 AUSA Vice President of the Interior, Ruben Colón (senior, accounting), said his old high school, Forest Lake Academy, was there! “It was cool seeing a lot of familiar faces and family and friends that weekend,” he says. “The energy throughout the games created an exciting atmosphere, which I enjoyed. How could you beat that?” 

This year, we had some new events as well. Winterfest, hosted by the AU European Club, celebrated European culture with food, music, and ice sculpting! Amelia Stefanescu (junior, English) gives her insight on the event: “I liked that it's a revival of an event. Most events at school happen in the first semester because it's warm, so we don’t have many winter activities. I think it's a fun event to have during the spring semester and I'm looking forward to how they enhance it because I think it has a lot of potential for something to look forward to when it gets chilly.”

Although not an actual event, Andy’s Eats was a new cardinal favorite on campus. With a variety of food and beverages available by using your cafe account, students have a new food option that they can go to when they get the afternoon munchies. Colin Browne (sophomore, psychology) talks about the food truck’s effect on the students: “It brings people together, embraces different cultural foods the right way, and does not come out of our pockets, technically.” And don’t we all love spending money on the Jarritos without actually spending money? (It comes from our cafe accounts, so it doesn’t count.) 

All these cultural and social events are fun, but what about our religious events? Ashley Daluz (junior, speech-language pathology) brings attention to another traditional Andrews event: Praise Pact. An event hosted by the BSCF club and featuring the Deliverance Mass Choir, students came together to do what we do best: PRAISE! “With worship music and student involvement, you can really feel the Lord working through such a small space but through a large audience. Different worship teams bring diversity, which is what we need to touch all student’s hearts.” 

An important piece to mention in this list of events is Black History Month. Of the many events that took place during the month of February, Afro-Latino Impact was one of the greatest hits among students. “I really liked Afro-Latino Impact because I got to participate in it and feel the love in the air, whether it was from people who were Afro-Latino or not.” says Moises Reyes Rivas (senior, math and religion), “It’s a worship moment I’ll remember because it incorporated highlighting my culture mixed with praising God and just giving Him all the glory.”

On the topic of religious events, Makarios and Genesis collaborated in their Sabbath event, “Vuelve A Casa,” which translates to “Go Back Home.” “I was chosen to give the message,” Denilzon Monrroy (freshman, nursing) says, “so that through me, God was able to talk to His people.” With his personal testimony, Denilzon gave a message of trusting in God and going back to Him when times get tough. I believe Denilzon’s message is a positive one to apply as we study for exams, prepare for presentations, and finish any last-minute assignments at the end of the semester (Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this!)

As students, we focus on time. Whether that’s how much of it we have, what we need to do with what time we have, or how we have spent the time that we have already had. In the future, when we look back at how this year has been, time may mean different things for each of us. But when we reflect on past events, maybe we can find hope from those memories to keep pushing forward, no matter how much time we have! Speaking of time, did you figure out what time I'm writing this article?

Photo by Nathaniel Reid

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