Financial Plan

A Financial Plan is the plan you make to cover your semester's expenses. The financial plan is created through Registration Central and incorporates all discounts, tuition and fees.

Once you have confirmed that your financial aid award is complete, click on the Financial Plan step and accept the AU Responsibility Statement. If your expenses are covered, your Financial Plan will be satisfied and a check mark will appear.

Please visit the Student Financial Services website for more information.


Go to Registration Central to find your payment amount. Once you know the amount to pay, please visit the Student Financial Services website to learn about Payment Plans and Payment Options.

Financial aid helps you bridge the gap between school costs and what you and your family can reasonably contribute out-of-pocket. There are two types of financial aid; financial aid that is free (grants and scholarships) and financial aid that will have to be repaid at some point (federal or private loans). More information is available on the Financial Aid webpage.

For financial Aid forms, please click here.

Your financial notification letter from Andrews University will list your Andrews Partnership Scholarship and any other monies you are eligible for. If you haven't received your financial award notification, please view it at finVue.

If you have questions about your award, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services immediately.

Financial clearance can mean different things for different students.

  • For some students, it may mean calculating their expenses for the semester, making a payment and/or arranging for monthly payments.
  • For some students, it may mean making sure that they have a completed financial aid package (all paperwork submitted, loans requested, entrance counseling, promissory notes signed) in place to cover their semester’s expenses.
  • Other students are sponsored and clearance means making sure that their sponsorship is documented in our office and reflected in Registration Central.

Financial aid makes financial clearance possible. Financial clearance can be completed only after your financial aid package is completed. More information is available on the Financial Clearance webpage.

Investing in your education requires planning and budgeting and we want to help!

Our team of Financial Advisors can guide you about financial options available to you. Advisors are assigned based on the first letter of your last name. You are welcome to contact your representative by email or phone.

If you feel you need to meet with your financial advisor one-on-one, be sure to make your appointment soon. Between new and returning students, their schedules fill up fast!

They are also located on the first floor of the Administration Building from 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

We have how-to tutorial videos and PowerPoint presentations to help you with your financial questions. Check out these Life Savers