General Information


Attending the Easter Passion Play is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Place your Event Reservation.  (Reservations can be made for free here!)

Step 2: Arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled performance and park in the designated areas.

Step 3: Receive your wristband (play pass).   You must have this wristband on at all times during the performance.  This serves as your "ticket".

Arrival & Parking

  • Plan to arrive at Andrews University 30 minutes before your scheduled performance so you have time to park and obtain your wristband.
  • The play will begin in the Andreasen Wellness Center on the campus of Andrews University.  When entering the Andrews campus, please use the Garland Avenue entrance (at the traffic light) and follow the signs to the designated Passion Play parking lot at Andrews Academy.
    Map & Directions

Inclement Weather

We encourage you to come prepared for an indoor and outdoor, walking play, dressing appropriately given the weather conditions.  The Easter Passion Play may not meet if weather conditions indicate possible freezing temperatures, lightning, or tornados.  Check the website as the event gets closer for updated information about weather conditions.

Disability Assistance

For those who may need special assistance, much of the play can be navigated on sidewalks, so we encourage you to bring wheelchairs or walking aids.  We do not provide wheelchairs or other walking aids.  Golf carts are not allowed at the Passion Play, so please plan accordingly.  Although there will be staff around to help you in and out of buildings, please note you will need someone to assist you as you travel between scenes.