EdS in Educational Leadership

EdS Program (64 Credits)

The Educational Leadership Educational Specialist degree program prepares candidates to serve as principals, supervisors, or superintendents in elementary and/or secondary systems. Those specifically served by this degree are the following:

  • Principals of K-8, K-10, K-12, and 9-12 schools
  • Supervisors of instruction
  • Superintendents of schools
  • Teachers with master's degrees interested in transitioning into educational administration and securing an additional degree while completing their NAD administration certification or endorsement
EdS Curriculum

Common Core (minimum 18 with more credits available from variable credit courses):
LEAD600   Annual Conference (0)
LEAD630   Introduction to Leadership (2)
EDAL520   Foundations of Educational Leadership (2-3)
EDAL645   Educational Finance (2-3)
EDAL670   Technology for Leaders (3)
EDCI547    Foundations in Curriculum Studies (3) OR
EDCI565    Improving Instruction (2)
EDFN500   Phil. Foundations for Professionals (3)
LEAD675    Portfolio Development: (Topic) (1-3)
LEAD886    Advanced Internship: (Topic) (3-12)

Concentration Area (minimum 13, with more credits available from variable credit courses):
EDAL560    K-12 Law (2-3)
EDAL565    Leadership for SDA Education (2-3)
EDAL570    Principles of Educational Supervision (2-3)
EDAL635    Human Resources Administration (2-3)
EDAL664/665 Elem./Secondary School Leadership (2-3)
LEAD525    Public Relations: Community Partnerships (1-3)
LEAD645    Ethical Leadership (1-3)

Educational Research (13)
EDCI636    Program Evaluation (3)
EDRM505  Research Methods (3)
EDRM611  Applied Statistics Methods I (3)
LEAD535   Principles of Academic Writing (2-3)
LEAD637   Issues in Research (2-3)

Cognate Area (9)
Choose from outside Educational Administration, such as Business, Communication, Social Work, Psychology, Curriculum, Leadership, Research, or transfer credits.

Electives (As Needed)
In consultation with your advisor.

TOTAL EdS degree credits (64)

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Application Process

Applicants must meet School of Education admission requirements for the specialist degree. Applicants may transfer up to 32 credits from previous graduate work into the specialist degree at the discretion of their academic advisors. Candidates must complete LEAD630 Introduction to Leadership, an introduction to the philosophy of leadership and review of the standards that will guide their educational plan. The curriculum consists of a minimum of 64 credits beyond the baccalaureate degree and requires the completion of both an internship and a portfolio. Many courses are offered as variable credits; therefore, candidates should consider their credit needs when planning their course work and registering for courses. The portfolio serves as a component of the EdS comprehensive examination. There is no thesis requirement for the EdS degree program.