Job-Embedded Learning

Leaders do not work by themselves. Leaders work with people. Their challenge is how to multiply human accomplishment by amplifying and aggregating human effort (Hamel, 2007). In today's challenging work environment it is important that leadership education is not classroom-bound but impacts the real life context of the leader. How does the Leadership program approach this challenge?

  • By requiring participants to be fulltime employed or own their own business
  • By encouraging the development of competencies in actual work contexts
  • By creating a learning context that allows participants to use real-life and work experience as a foundation for competency development

Participants in the Leadership program are at various stages in their career development. They come from a broad spectrum of organizations and institutions. Current participants come from government, education, church, business, health, sciences, finance, military, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), mission organizations, and small private businesses. In addition participants come from many different regions and countries of the world. The interaction with people from different backgrounds and contexts has the potential to create a rich community of learning.

Check out the competencies of the Leadership Program.