Teacher Prep Program Is Still "Perfect"

For the fourth straight year, the Andrews University Teacher Preparation Program has received a perfect 70/70 performance score from the Michigan Department of Education. The score has again earned Andrews University’s Teacher Prep Program the honor of being declared an “exemplary program.”

The Office of Professional Preparation Services and the State Board of Education uses seven measures, or data points, to assess how each institution has performed in preparing elementary and secondary teachers to educate students. These measures include the passing rate on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification; graduating teacher satisfaction level; employer satisfaction survey of graduates; number of education program completers; program review (percentage of programs approved by the state); diversity of graduating teachers population; and High Need Content–whether the institution has 35 percent or more students with a content specialty area, such as special education or mathematics, that are high-need subject areas.

Andrews University received 30 out of the total 70 points for the scores students received on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC), a test on the content of the major.