Successful NCATE Visit Completed

The Andrews University School of Education hosted the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Board of Examiners (BOE) for a continuing accreditation site visit, November 13-16, 2011.  A final decision on continuing accreditation from NCATE is expected in April 2012. Andrews University has held continuous accreditation by NCATE since 1973.

Five BOE members and one representative from the Michigan Department of Education participated in the site visit. All members are current or retired education faculty and/or administrators from both public and private institutions of higher education from across the United States.  

Before coming to the Andrews campus, the BOE members conducted a preliminary review of institutional materials. During their campus visit, the team conducted some 170 interviews with administrators, School of Education and College of Arts & Sciences faculty members, School of Education candidates and alumni, and K-12 school partners. In addition, they evaluated all written program materials. The team then created a preliminary report based on the their review of all the evidence provided.

“The School of Education and College of Arts & Sciences faculty, staff, candidates, and community partners value continuing accreditation as an opportunity for acknowledgement of academic excellence,” says Jim Jeffery, dean of the School of Education. “Preparation for our continuing accreditation visit has allowed the School of Education and College of Arts & Sciences to collaborate in many positive ways. It has also allowed us to profile our faculty accomplishments, student performances, and relationships with community schools.” 

Before leaving campus, the NCATE Board of Examiners team chair conducted a short, positive exit interview with university administrators. The School of Education expects to receive the full final BOE report from NCATE in January 2012, after which the School of Education may submit a response to the findings and recommendations within the report. NCATE’s Unit Accreditation Board will render a final decision in April 2012 regarding the School of Education’s approval for continuing accreditation.

According to Jeffery, both the School of Education and College of Arts & Sciences have worked continuously to review and revise programs to assure they meet the high standards of our specialty professional organizations (SPAs), the Michigan Department of Education and NCATE. All of this is done to ensure that Andrews University is effectively preparing future educators to significantly and positively influence the lives of all children.

NCATE is the major authorized accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for schools, colleges, and departments of education that provide professional preparation for elementary and secondary teachers and other school professionals (school counselors, school psychologists, curriculum and instruction specialists, and school principals).  (Adapted from Andrews Agenda)

Faculty, staff, and students from the School of Education gave a visual nod to Andrews’ diversity by wearing a variety of international costumes at the Welcome Reception for the Board of Examiners. Pictured L-R are Amal Alansari, a student from Kuwait; staff member Vicki Wiley, representing Korea, where she served as a missionary; staff member Heidi Magesa, wearing a dress from Tanzania, her husband’s native country; staff member Anna Piskozub in an African outfit that was given to her; Isaiah Abolarin, a student from Nigeria; and Mordekai Ongo, a student from Kenya. (Photo contributed by Vicki Wiley)