Our Values

Mission Statement

We serve God and the Seventh-day Adventist Church by preparing effective leaders to proclaim the everlasting Gospel and make disciples of all peoples in anticipation of Christ’s soon return.

Vision Statement

The Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary prepares spiritual leaders to impact the world for Christ by teaching the Gospel summarized in the Three Angels' Message of Revelation 14:6-13.  We are a culturally diverse learning and worshiping community that nurtures excellence, provides theological leadership, and shares our ministry and resources around the world.

Core Values

Christ-likeness with humility

  • Submitting our whole selves, mind, body and spirit to God
  • Cultivating Christ-like integrity which reflects the character of God
  • Living a passionate and authentic life of obedience and service

Faithfulness with expectation

  • Being faithful in our relationship to Christ as Savior and Lord, and eagerly awaiting His return.
  • Being faithful to God and His revelation as expressed in His Word, the Holy Scripture.
  • Being faithful in our quest for truth and beauty through a teachable and steadfast spirit.
  • Being faithful to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and God’s prophetic leading in our story.

Respect with justice

  • Being Christians who are global in vision, sensitive to diversity and inter-culturally competent.
  • Respecting all persons, including our family, by exhibiting love, compassion and caring, recognizing everyone’s unique giftedness and creative potential.
  • Working for fairness, and advocating for justice for those without power or voice.

Community with joy

  • Worshiping with joy and keeping the Sabbath holy.
  • Nurturing a community of healing, grace, restoration and renewal.
  • Developing a sense of collegiality, family, and friendship in our work as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Discipleship with wholeness

  • Embracing the ongoing transformation by the Spirit in our own life of faith and learning.
  • Seeking to see in one another the Spirit’s work of restoring the image of our Maker.
  • Mentoring others in knowing and following their call and vocation.
  • Cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

Service with passion

  • Leading with a servant’s heart to equip others for service.
  • Striving with passion to reach the lost, serve the poor and grow the church.
  • Valuing creation and our call to be stewards in all areas of life.

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