Seminary Centers & Affiliates

Seminary Online Learning Center

Develops and administers the delivery of selected courses by means of correspondence, the internet, satellite, video-conferencing and various other means as they become feasible. It has the goal of making it possible for students in all Seminary programs to do a portion of their study at a distance, if that should be advantageous to them.

North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI)

NADEI exists for the express purpose of training soul winners who will be channels of the Holy Spirit in winning men and women to Christ and His truth. . . . and to enable these soul winners to train others in this work. It provides in-field training for Master of Divinity students at the Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

Center for Adventist Research

Is a leading documentary collection for the study of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its predecessors and related groups, from the Millerite movement of the mid nineteenth century to the present. The Center holds publications in all formats on all aspects of the Seventh-day Adventist Church--its mission, theology, and activities--including those from official and unofficial sources. The center serves as a Branch Office of the Ellen G. White Estate, the rare material repository for the James White Library and as the Andrews University Archives and Records Center.

Institute of Hispanic Ministry

Responds to the growing needs of Hispanic congregations in North America and beyond. The tasks of the IHM include providing graduate-level study for Hispanic pastors both on and off campus and assisting in various ways a continuing education for Hispanic ministers. It coordinates the Spanish Track for the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and supports Hispanic courses in the MDiv and DMin programs. The IHM also provides support systems for Hispanic ministry and churches that are in transition culturally and linguistically. It encourages research and the dissemination of its findings for the Seventh-day Adventist Church at large.

Center for Youth Evangelism

Develops and provides the research methods, resources, and leadership necessary to train young people in various forms of effective youth evangelism.

Institute of Archaeology & Horn Archaeological Museum

Coordinates the archaeological programs and activities of the university. It fosters archaeological research, publication, and education at Andrews University, the communities of Michiana, and all entities of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Museum houses over 8,500 ancient Near-Eastern artifacts including coins, pottery, sculptures, tools, weapons, figurines, jewelry, seals, and glass vessels. It also sponsors a regular lecture series, occasional field trips, and a quarterly subscription newsletter.

Global Research Center

Compiles the only comprehensive electronic database of the Adventist church and global mission statistics in cooperation with the General Conference Office of Archives and Statistics. Its purpose is to support mission research and strategy development through accurate information, expert analysis, and informal training events for leaders in the field.

Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies

Jews and Seventh-day Adventists share much of the same spiritual heritage and the same ideals of hope and lifestyle.  Moreover, since the events of Auschwitz during World War II, Jewish-Christian issues have become a relevant part of theological concern.  Therefore, the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies organizes meetings with world renowned experts, provides a wide range of educational material, and supplements the graduate programs of the Seminary with concentrations in Jewish-Christian studies.  These include courses in Jewish History, rabbinics, and languages.  In all its work, the Institute seeks to train lay persons and ministers to foster constructive relations with Jews in their communities and to develop a global consciousness in all outreach and service.

International Religious Liberty Institute

The purpose of the International Religious Liberty Institute is to foster the study of the principles of religious liberty and church-state relations upon sound methods of biblical, historical, legal and philosophical scholarship and to spread these principles through publications, lectureships, conferences, symposiums, and the support of public advocacy.

Center of Continuing Education for Ministry

It serves the General Conference Ministerial Association, the North American Division, and other organizations of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It provides continuing education for persons currently working in Adventist ministry. It also serves Adventist administrators, lay leaders, and, to a limited degree, ministers of other Christian organizations. It tries to identify the needs and issues that affect the professional growth of Adventist ministers and develops continuing-education courses that provide certificates and continuing-education units. It serves church organizations as an accrediting, monitoring, and registering agency.