Our Story

The Christian Leadership Center

is an interdisciplinary organization of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, providing inspiration, on-going leadership development, coaching, consultation, and research, for a network of church and community leadership throughout the world from Andrews University.

Our vision is people transformed and empowered by Christian principles who form a network of Christian leaders and provide outstanding leadership for the local church, church and educational organizations throughout the world, as well as local community or business organizations. The Center provides these leaders with ongoing leadership development based on the servant leadership model of Christ.

We seek transformation of persons in the context of leadership development and see the development of leaders on three distinct levels, the first being transformation of the person, the second being development of essential leadership patterns, and the third being formation of administrative skills.

We provide a place for academicians and field practitioners to link in a process of theological reflection that shapes the Seventh-day Adventist church’s understandings of leadership and clarifies transformational leadership development across cultures. The biblically based model of servant leadership promoted by the Christian Leadership Center grows from that reflection.

CLC is involved in ongoing leadership development relationships with; a) specific church entities willing to make commitments to accountability over a period of years involving conferences, accountability groups, interaction with literature, and small groups, b) enduring coaching or mentoring relationships with individuals, and c) like service to other organizations seeking to apply the principles of Christ to their mission.

Our mission is to accompany and develop people in their journey as servant leaders in the church and as Christian market-place ambassadors in a changing world.