The Journal of Applied Christian


The Journal of Applied Christian Leadership (JACL) is a refereed scholarly journal of the Christian Leadership Center of Andrews University designed to encourage an ongoing conversation between academicians and practitioners in the field of applied leadership theory. Because vital scholarly discussion is a necessary component in the transformation of a leader, the Journal maintains a research-based approach to a dynamic understanding of leadership. This dynamic transformation of a leader provides the basis for the transformation of the organization.


The Journal of Applied Christian Leadership is published twice yearly.

"We want people to think seriously and give long reflection to leadership--all the while investigating their own experience and practice of leadership. We are seeking to add conversation and dialogue to the ever-expanding field, practice and experience of leadership. Let's not gloss over it, ignore it, skim past it. Let's not theologize it, spiritualize it, or relegate it to some mysterious process (though mystery is involved). We just want people to seriously angle leadership from divergent and various vantage points-especially as it rubs shoulders with leading from a Christian perspective." --John Grys


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We invite research studies up to 10,000 words and practice-based articles up to 6,000 words. Book reviews are also welcome and should be no longer than 4,000 words.


Senior Editor
Erich Baumgartner

Managing Editor
Shirley Freed

Book Editor
Stanley Patterson

Consulting Editors
John Grys
Don McFarlane
Miroslav Pujic


Copy Editor
Kevin Wiley