Four Year Development Program

The Christian Leadership Center offers this leadership development program option to organizations at a location arranged in their territory for the purpose of providing in-depth transformational leadership development to individuals within the context of their working/serving community. A cohort of individuals, usually 15 to 30, is formed within the organization. They begin and proceed through the four year program together. If an organization wishes to have more than 30 involved, additional cohorts will be formed.

The CLC Four Year Development programs grows out of well researched change theory. Transformation of self precedes change in practice, and change in individuals is prerequisite to organizational change. This program develops innovative leaders from “the inside-out” without compromising the time or depth of community relationships required for the transformation.

Development associates for the Four Year Development Program are provided by CLC. The development team leading the program for your organization includes scholars in the area of leadership and outstanding field practitioners. Guest presenters are frequently incorporated from the field being served.

Participants from your organization begin and journey through the program together. Ten learning processes are woven through the program delivery within the four years.

• A spiritual component in which participants examine their core values, create a personal vision statement, and reflect to clarify meaning in terms of knowledge, experiences, beliefs, and values
• Assessment of key leadership practices
• Seminars that build on leadership theory
• Required reading the best in leadership literature
• Web-based knowledge and skill building
• Coaching/mentoring support
• Work groups that integrate information and empower important relational and team building skills
• Reflective journalizing
•Research that informs effective leadership practices
•Skill development in up to five administrative competencies

Some elements in the development process is adapted to the unique needs of your organization, and individuals are able to engage in the design of specific parts of their program. The curriculum includes leadership theory, learning theory, self identification, assessment, theological inquiry including the concept of servant leadership, leadership practice development and administrative competencies. Various levels of coaching intensity are offered.

Following are the seven leadership practices emphasized within a four year leadership development program:

1. A God Given Passion Stirring Shared Vision
2. Demonstrating Faith Based Hope
3. Exercising Solid Integrity
4. Courage Challenge the Status Quo
5. Unswerving Commitment to Empowering People
6. Abundance Mentality
7. Ability to Lead in Diversity

We recognize the distinction between leadership and administration. However, most organizations and individuals wish to simultaneously build administrative skills that support their leadership challenge, so we help your organization incorporate up to five areas of administrative skill training within the four year program. Those five areas are selected from the following options:

1. Fostering Participation
2. Facilitating Effective Planning
3. Emphasizing Quality
4. Managing Resources Responsibly
5. Communicating Effectively
6. Building Effective Teams
7. Affirming Others
8. Managing Change Well
9. Managing Conflict Effectively
10. Evaluating
11. Confronting
12. Following Through
13. Making Meetings Matter
14. Mentoring Others

Following is a chronological outline of the progression of the four year development program as typically delivered for a community, business, church, or other non-profit organization. You will note seven workshop sections. Three day workshops are seventeen hours, one day workshop are six hours. Reading assignments, assessment, and group work are woven throughout the four years. The progression can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

Year One: Workshop A (three days)

Program Orientation
Introduction to the seven leadership practices
Orientation to assessment and feed-back
Leadership theory and understandings

Leadership Practices Assessment and Feed-back
Interpreting the assessment
Leadership theory and understandings
Servant leadership
Developing a Passion Stirring Shared Vision
Integrity in Leadership - Ethics
Formation of Work Groups and Three Group Sessions During the Year
Orientation to coaching
Reading Two Books
A Coaching or Mentoring Relationship is Formed

Workshop One Part B (optional one day)
Formation of personal mission
Web-resource discussion
Book discussion

Year Two: Workshop Two Part A (three days)
Further interpretation of the assessment
Further leadership theory and understanding
Courage and creativity in leadership
Leading change
A selected administrative skill
Three Group Sessions
Reading Two Books
A Coaching or Mentoring Relationship Continues

Workshop Two Part B (optional one day)
A selected administrative skill
Web-resource discussion
Book discussion

Year Three: Workshop Three Part A (three days)
Further interpreting the assessment
Further leadership theory and understanding
Faith based hope
Empowering people
Issues in motivation
A selected administrative skill
Three Group Sessions
Reading Two Books

Workshop Three Part B (optional one day)
A selected administrative skill
Web-resource discussion
Book discussion

Year Four: Workshop Four Part A (three days)
Second Assessment and Interpretation
Further leadership theory and understanding
Abundance mentality
Team building skills
Communication skills
A selected administrative skill
Reading Two Books
Three Group Sessions

Workshop Four Part B (optional one day)
A selected administrative skill
Web-resource discussion
Book discussion

The program is a service of Andrews University. For all non-profit organizations, it is delivered at actual travel costs for presenters, a suggested honorarium, and a $325 per year administrative fee. We deliver the finest in leadership development at a cost you can afford! Our development associates who would otherwise contract for significant professional fees have committed themselves to this program.

Contact us for further information and to begin the process for your organization.