Universitatea Adventus Din Cernica

Şos. Decebal, nr. 11-13, Comuna Cernica, 077035, Judeţul Ilfov, România
Email: tp@uadventus.ro
Website: www.uadventus.ro

Program Offered: MA Religion (Interdisciplinary)

Language of instruction: English

Adjunct Faculty

Site Program Coordinator: Laurenţiu Moţ, PhD having graduated from AIIAS, Philippines. He is a NT scholar with special interest in the area of NT Greek Grammar, Linguistics, and the Book of Revelation. He is currently the Rector of Adventus University of Cernica, the Theology Department Chair and the Andrews MAR (extension site) program director for the Institutul Teologic Adventist.  He has published two books (e.g., Morphological and Syntactical Irregularities in the Book of Revelation, Brill, 2015) and around 25 academic articles thus far. Music, sports, and reading are some of his most important passions. He is married and a father of an eight years old boy.

Site Course Check Sheet

Questions regarding the MA Religion program in Romania can be directed to the MA Religion office at mareligion@andrews.edu