MA (Religion) Interdisciplinary Track


  • 38 degree credits
  • Offered on off campus international sites in various languages and campuses.
  • Program can be completed in 2-4 years.
  • Culturally rich learning environments.
  • Program Entry: August (fall), January (spring) or May (summer)
  • Application Deadlines: July 15, Nov 15, or March 15







Admission Requirements

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  • Accredited Baccalaureate degree or its equivalent (3.0 GPA) preferably in theology or religion
  • Prerequisistes: 2-12 credits
Church History - 2 credits
New Testament Studies - 2 credits
Old Testament Studies - 2 credits
Theological Studies - 2 credits
Adventist Studies - 4 credits
  • Language determined by site (See below)

Only students who are employees/members of the sponsoring SDA site will be allowed to apply to the off campus sites.  Non-sponsored students are asked to apply to the MA Religion Online Interdisciplinary program.  


Students must meet the following requirements;

  • 24 credits- Core courses
  • 8 -14 credits – Concentration courses (choose equivalent elective courses)
  • 0 -6 credits – Thesis/project 6 credits, Comprehensive Exams - 0 credits

Concentrations Available: selected by site for each cohort.









MAR Interdisciplinary Site Locations:

Applicants must show proof of employment or membership from the sponsoring off campus site. 

Hong Kong - Language of instruction is English and Chinese
Cohort based acceptance. Course schedule will be posted at a later date.

Poland Site: Language of instruction - Polish
Cohort based acceptance.  Courses offered in spring and summer semesters only.

Romania Site: Language of instruction - English
Continuous acceptance.  Courses offered in spring, summer, and fall semesters.

Taiwan Site: Language of instruction - Chinese
Cohort based acceptance. Courses offered in fall and spring semesters only.
Thailand Site: Language of instruction - English
Cohourt based acceptance. Courses offered in summer and fall semesters only.
Ukraine Site: Language of instruction - Russian

Cohort based acceptance. Courses offered during summer semester only. 

Russian Site: Language of instruction - Russian
Cohort based acceptance. Courses offered during summer semester only. 


An MA thesis/project (6 credits) or Comprehensive Exams (0 credits)  must be complete/defended as part of the MA Religion program.  A student who has registered the required 6 credits for thesis/project, but has not finished the thesis/project,  must register for GSEM 688-Master Degree Continuation, 0 credits, until the thesis has been approved and student is cleared for graduation.

Academic Advisement

The MA (Religion) local site coordinator, program director, and/or Andrews department chairs work to assign an academic advisers in the area of specialization for students who choose to write a thesis/project.

Distance Courses

Online courses must be approved by the MA Religion director before the course begins. These courses must cover appropriate content with sufficient rigor to meet the academic expectations of the MA Religion degree.

Time Limits

A student must complete the requirements for the MA (Religion) degree and graduate within six years of first enrolling in the program regardless of admission classification.