Asia-Pacific International University

Asia-Pacific International University (AIU)  
195 Moo 3
Mauk Lek, Saraburi, 18180, Thailand

Program Offered: MA Religion Interdisciplinary

Language of Instruction: English

Adjunct Faculty

Site Program Coordinator: Youssry Guirguis, PhD having graduated from AIIAS, Philippines. He is an OT scholar with a special interest in the area of Islamic studies. He is an adjunct professor in Middle East University’s Master in Islamic Studies Program. He has conducted research in the areas of biblical studies, Islamic studies, and biblical rituals. His passion is the study of biblical rituals, which was also the focus of his PhD. Among his publishing output, there are number scholarly articles, written in English, Arabic, and one book, Islamic Culture and Society. Currently, he works as a full-time lecturer at Asia-Pacific International University, and the Andrews MAR (extension site) program director for the Asia-Pacific International University.

Course Check Sheet

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