Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

S. Joseph Kidder

Professor of Christian Ministry
Faculty & Staff

John V. G. Matthews

Professor of Educational Foundations and Religious Education
Interim Director, MA (Religious Education)
Interim Director, PhD (Religious Education)
Faculty & Staff

Trevor O'Reggio

Professor of Church History
Faculty & Staff

Adrienne Samos

Administrative Assistant
Department of Discipleship & Religious Education
Faculty & Staff

David Sedlacek

Professor of Family Ministry and Discipleship
Director, MA in Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Faculty & Staff

O. Jane Thayer

Associate Professor of Religious Education, Emerita
Faculty & Staff

Allan R. Walshe

Associate Professor of Discipleship;
Chair, Department of Discipleship and Religious Education
Faculty & Staff

Ronald H. Whitehead

Assistant Professor of Youth Ministry
Executive Director, Center for Youth Evangelism (CYE)