Ministry to Older Adults

The Older Adult Ministry concentration is one of several professional concentrations in the MA (Discipleship in Lifespan Education) degree and is designed for those who want to specialize in ministry to older adults. The core courses are the same as for other concentrations in this degree, but the concentration courses focus on giving students practical skills in developing, leading, and teaching older adult ministry programs. The concentration courses will also be available as a Certificate in Ministry to Older Adults.
Required Courses for the Degree
Biblical Spirituality DSLE 541 - Foundations of Biblical Spirituality 3 Credits 
Biblical Studies



4 Credits
Theology THST 2 Credits

Discipleship & Religious Education

DSLE 503 - Marriage, Family, & Interpersonal Relationships
DSLE 534 - Ministry to Youth and Young Adults
DSLE 607- Intergenerational Ministry

DSLE 610 - Teaching for Discipleship

10 Credits
Church History CHIS 674 - Development in SDA Theology 2 Credits
Practical & Applied Theology PATH 526 - Conflict Management 2 Credits
World Mission MSSN - World Missions Course 2 Credits
Concentration Courses

SOWK 532 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment II

DSLE 677 - Ministry to Older Adults

PATH 516 - Death & Grief in Contemporary Society

DSLE 661 - Spirituality & Aging

DSLE 670 - Reaching Out: Institutional Setting, Families & Caregivers

DSLE 660 - Field Practicum:Professional 

DSLE 685 - Cultural Concerns, Global Aging, & Diversity

15 Credits
Degree Electives

DSLE 651 - Foundations of Biblical Counseling

PATH 553 - The Church & Social Issues

PATH 574 - Perspectives in Church Marketing

PATH 616 - Spirituality in Ministry

PATH 623 - Innovative Evangelism

PATh 656 - Evangelistic Small Groups

6 Credits
General Electives ANEA, CHIS, PATH, GSEM, NTST, OTST, or THST 2 Credits
TOTAL   48 Credits



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