Master of Arts (Discipleship in Lifespan Education)


The Master of Arts (Discipleship in Lifespan Education) is an interdisciplinary academic program that prepares individuals for leadership roles as scholars and specialists in discipleship in settings where religious, moral and spiritual nurture and growth are primary concerns. The curriculum is designed with core courses, electives and a selected area of emphasis. 

Emphases Available

Customized Emphasis

Family Life Emphasis

Campus Spiritual Life Emphasis

Children Ministry Emphasis

Program Handbook

MA (Discipleship in Lifespan Education) Program Handbook

Program Description

The MA (Discipleship in Lifespan Education) degree prepares scholars for leadership roles and service in settings where religious, moral, and spiritual nurture and growth are primary concerns. Areas of emphasis in Discipleship in Lifespan Education include campus spiritual leadership, children’s ministry, Christian formation and discipleship, family life education, theological curriculum and instruction, and other options customized by the student in consultation with an advisor. The programs offer interdisciplinary academic degrees with considerable flexibility to meet your individual interests.

Program Outcomes

  • As a Christian Apologist - Articulates a philosophy of religious education.
  • As a Pastor-Teacher - Uses appropriate methodologies to disciple.
  • As a Servant-Leader - Applies the principles of servant leadership.
  • As an Evaluator/Researcher - Understands basic terminology, potential contributions, and limitations of scholarly research in the evaluation and implementation of discipleship initiatives.
  • As a Maturing Christian - Engages consistently with Scripture in biblical and spiritual disciplines to be open to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.
  • As a Lifelong Learner - Pursues personal and professional development.
  • As an Area Expert - Demonstrates the ability to apply all relevant core competencies to the area of emphasis


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